Random encounter ♥♥

Thank you…for meeting me in Starbucks today.

I was behind a big, tall guy who was probably about 75 years old, not looking a day over 65, just like you. He was there with his wife, tall like him with silver hair. They were pretty cool grandparents ordering at Starbucks. Well, an iced tea and a coffee anyway. I don’t know many people that order a hot coffee when it’s +29*C, but you did.

He made some friendly chit chat with me at the creamer station, and then as I accidentally bumped him with my purse, he apologized along with me, and then winked at me and told me I must have done it on purpose. He smiled and held the door for me and wished me a nice day.
Just like you would have, if you would have found yourself wanting a coffee in the afternoon, except you would most likely have McDonalds coffee, not Starbucks and certainly not Tim Hortons.

It’s nice to finally, finally feel a bit more at piece and feel grateful for these moments that remind me of you.

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