As of June 25th, I officially will have like 9 billion channels to watch on TV, super-ultra high speed internet, a router, and other technology-like things in MY NEW APARTMENT. I don't know why this, of all things, is what makes me so incredibly happy. But it makes me so incredibly happy. And yes, it's a promotional package and after six months, I'll downgrade to have only a few channels and crappier internet, but for now, I'm going to live the high life and have cable and fast internet. Things I haven't had in a year. (#firstworldproblems).

On June 24th (a provincial holiday that is celebrated much more than Canada Day here), I'll be spending the day with my man friend, as it's his birthday. On the 25th, I'll be going over to my new apartment with my television in the back of my car, a bunch of cleaning supplies, and the dog. I'll clean while I wait for the delivery of my appliances (fridge, oven/stove, hood, washer, and dryer) and wait for Videotron to come and install my fancy-pants cable and internet.

The apartment will be totally empty. But I might just have to bring a few cushions so I can hang out and watch TV like ALL NIGHT LONG there. And I'm looking forward to having the Mags spend some time there before all our stuff gets there the next day.

On the 26th, the storage company will drop off the stuff that I put into storage that belongs to my current landlord (my current apartment came fully furnished and I kinda wanted things like my own bed and stuff), drop that off, pick up all my stuff, and then deliver all that stuff that's been in storage since May 2014 to my new apartment. My new apartment.

Ok, so we'll have to leave most of it unpacked since painting won't start until June 30th (I don't dare start painting myself. I can't imagine what the end result would look like).

Yeah, I was a bit pissed off that I have to paint the entire apartment, but the good news is, I'll have a freshly painted apartment. Since my apartment is VERY old and the walls are plaster and not drywall (a look that I LOVE), I think it will be nice to have a clean, blank slate.

While 2014 started off on high hopes, it's been a rocky and scary rollercoaster since then. I've had a few highs, but if I'm truly honest with myself, mainly lows. In the last two years, I've experienced more pain and stress than I ever thought that one person can handle. There were times in the last year that I certainly thought that I'd never make it. That the world would swallow me up whole.

I've had A LOT of help from my friends and family. I've had a lot of encouragement. And I've pretty much worked my ass off to get where I am now. I'm not done changing, growing, learning, and fixing. And as much as things are totally weird right now, I'm so grateful for the good in my life. A supportive family even though they are across the country. A little dog that thinks I'm literally the best person on earth and gives me pet therapy on a daily basis. A very special man that I hope that I will let into my life as a serious boyfriend one day soon. And my overall general health.

I am very blessed.

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