GIANT furniture

I did A LOT of cleaning this weekend. I wish I could say that it was at my soon-to-be ex apartment, but it's at the new place. The previous renters left it in a freaking disaster. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating... but it isn't pretty. And my appliances are GIGANTIC. (And yeah, it's common here for the washer and dryer to be in the kitchen).
So, here's the view of the cleaned kitchen:

My bedroom - I think, I can't decide if I want this room or the other as the master bedroom. The cool part for this as my bedroom is that there's enough room for my bed, bed frame, and 2 small end tables. Which basically means my room will be SPOTLESS at all times because there is no room for anything else. #lifehack
The view from the hallway from one patio to the other...yes the walls in the kitchen are green and the hallways are red but I promise it looks better in person.
A partial view of my spare bedroom/workout room. Urghhhhhhhhhh.
And this giant couch. This freaking giant, Alberta-sized couch that had to be brought in through the front patio.

And this giant couch and this giant table now take up my entire living room. I don't have a clue what to do with it. It's been used for about 2 months, then was kept wrapped in storage, and The Brick in Quebec lists it as $1200. But I think the only way to get rid of it will be to PAY someone to remove it. I wish I had seen it's size and measured it when it was in storage so that I could have left it there and sold it. Now...I just have giant furniture that I have to walk around.

Thankfully...luckily....magically, my grandma and auntie will be here on Thursday. From now until then, I have to work, eat right, and sleep. 'Cause I'm all kinds of overwhelmed and kind of just wishing that I rented a pretty, new apartment that didn't have "character".

To be continued...


  1. I hope you have a GIANT TV.

    PS: I like the hallway; lots of character there.

  2. This place exudes character!
    The a normal TV, 42inches. 


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