Le moving

I’ve been all cocky how my move is causing me ZERO stress. That I have an amazing apartment to move into and that I just can’t wait.

Well….on Sunday…that idea was….altered.


(A small example...)

In my current province, a damage deposit or first/last month’s rent is not required. A move in/move out checklist is not required.

Painting between tenants is not required, even if the tenant painted the walls grey/red/yellow-green/blue, and then hung up a ton of shelves, then used white spackle to patch the holes after they moved out.


So my current apartment is pretty dirty (I will have to wash all of the walls and baseboards) and requires painting. Somehow the colors actually kind of match together, that’s not my problem, but having six inch white patches everywhere….well, it isn’t ideal.


I’m learning VERY quickly about the rental laws in la belle province….and I’m not impressed. I’m cleaning my apartment, near perfect, and then have to move into my current apartment and clean it and paint it. Thankfully, my grandma and aunt are coming to help me, because I do not have a clue how to paint. The last painting I did was when my dad and I painted my room when I was 14 or 15. And I was a disaster, knocking the paint can over twice and probably getting paint everywhere.


So this weekend, I’ll do as much cleaning as I can in my current apartment, and then next weekend, on Saturday I’ll receive the delivery for my appliances (they don’t come with the apartment here) and then clean, clean, clean. And prepare for painting. This sucks.


I just want a fancy new place…and a better attitude about the entire thing.






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