QBB #1

Welcome to the very first QBB, Quebec Bitch Blog.

I was telling my friend today, that I am really starting to feel comfortable here, but comfortable in the same way that I felt in Madagascar. I don't HAVE to stay here, I don't always LIKE it here, but I feel like staying here and living here.

BUT, there are some unique aspects of Quebec that totally drive me INSANE.

Which prompted me to create this series (we'll see how far or how long it will go. And if by chance you're from Quebec, don't take any offence, you would find the world backwards in Alberta if you visited).

Let's talk about cyclists.

Ok, first let's talk about fashion.

Montreal downtown works are quite fashionable. They wear their skinny pants and skinny ties and are a quirky balance between funeral attire meets fashion show meets Micheal Kors Addicts meets hipster. Yep, that's pretty much the style I've been trying to copy, so I have a lot of black and...well, that's the only way I really meet any of the Montreal fashion code.

Now back to cycling. So picture a guy, or a gal, in their Funeral/Fashion/MK/Hipster outfit, on a bike on their way to work.
(And let's just say for the topic of this post that drivers in Montreal aren't a disaster, k?).

Mr or Mrs Fashion, sorry Monsieur or Madame Fashion, is riding their trendy bike on the way to work. How cool is that, right? Carbon footprint, affordable, blah blah blah.

They even have a way to roll up their pants to not get dirty, and woman can gracefully ride in dresses. Dresses!!!

And they even have their own lane on many streets. So from my bus window I look out and see dozens of them lined up at the stop light. All patiently waiting to start getting their fit on to work.

And 90% of them are not wearing helmets.

And 50% of them are wearing headphones.

(Again, not mentioning Montreal drivers....).

So you've spent all this money on your bike, on your outfit, on the cool accessories that you need to bike to work. You're SO freaking trendy and hip and environmental.

But you're missing a $40 piece of equipment that would most likely save your life. And the headphones thing? Seriously, dumb ass.

Oh, but you'll mess up your hair?

Then, there is the arrival at work. Your employer stronger encourages cycling to work because it's super trendy to be green right now. But, they don't have a shower. So either you don't give a f how you smell, or you bring some baby wipes and give yourself a little sponge bath, or you stink.
Yep you stink.

AND, I can't complain about you....because you're not doing anything wrong, except raping my nostrils with your putrid summer freshness.

Next post: police officers and why cyclists aren't fined for not wearing helmets.

Quebec, you're awesome.


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