Rescue Me.

Earlier this year, my grandma told me she would be coming to Montreal to help me move. I kind of just figured she'd come and have a vacation around the time of the move, and never thought too much about it.

My aunt decided to come as well and I thought I'd have two weeks with my family in Montreal, arranging scenic tours for them, having dinners with them, and letting them help unpack my boxes.

Nope. That wasn't their vision. Thank God for that.

My new place was built in the early 1900s. I like that. It's so cool. But the old tenants painted the place in three different colors, installed all kinds of shelving and crap, and had way, way, way too much stuff. So when I saw the apartment, I saw the turn of the century charm, and not the work that comes along with renting a turn of the century character apartment.

The painting - manageable. The...bits here and there....the new appliances...the dirt, OH the dirt...the slanted patio in the back, the stairs that are very steep, the apartment odd-shaped size...I'm totally overwhelmed. It's technically a 3 bedroom apartment, but I would consider it a two bedroom apartment. But the furniture I "Alberta" sized. Oversized couches and chairs, huge sleigh bed....and I'm not sure my apartment, as big as it is, can fit this. There aren't many closets, there is a huge entry way that I have to furnish with a wardrobe and lights and some kind of coat-hanging standing object...and I just walk around.....not knowing where to start.

Today's plan was to meet the cable guy, clean the disgusting and greasy kitchen, and then wait for the arrival of my appliances.

I wasn't expecting the cable guy so soon...but he wanted to come by at like 9am, so I hauled the TV over by myself. I took the dog with me - I try to take her there as much as I can so she can get used to it. She's been stressed with the boxes everywhere and can tell something's going on, but she can't figure it out. The Cable Guy was so nice. I think he could tell I was having a bit of a moment....and then I hear him say, "ohhhhhhhhh". I go and see and the dog, has taken the biggest crap of her entire life, in the middle of the hallway. And Cable Guy has stepped in it. And I don't have a paper towel or soap or anything. He finds some news paper...and is so freaking polite and friendly.... He even showed me how to work the remote control before he left. He made my weekend.

I cleaned and scrubbed the baseboards and kitchen walls as I spoke on the phone to my mom and then later listened to music, and the rest of the appliances came and they ARE SO HUGE. SO HUGE. I don't know how they fit in the kitchen....but they do, I guess. It's weird because the washer and dryer are in the kitchen. I don't understand that concept.

Right now, everything looks ugly and dirty to me. My family arrives on Thursday. I can't wait for them to rescue me.

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