Strong Lady

I've had moments the last couple of weeks where I realize, woah. I'm like a real Montrealer!

The first was when I just had a root canal and was totally high on whatever drugs they gave me and instead of taking a taxi, I just hopped on the bus, like no big deal.

Last week, I stopped at the grocery store on the way home, but didn't want to use plastic bags, so my purse was filled with cucumbers and frozen berries while I rode my bus home. I felt, urban. Sounds silly, but when I first moved, I would totally have taken a taxi, or went and got my car, but now it's just like, hey a little stop and back on the bus.

I also have a hairdresser, a nail lady, and an eyebrow lady ($4 and the best shaped eyebrows you'll ever have). I don't have a favorite restaurant. I don't have a family doctor. I don't have a favorite grocery store. But I'm getting "my places".

A guess six weeks ago, I decided I needed to do something nice for myself. Over the last two years I have been trying desperately to learn how to paint my nails, but it's been in vain. It never lasts, I'm always annoyed that it's not perfect, and I've probably spent more money on "at home" products than if I would have just gone and got my nails done in the first place. So every 2 weeks, I go to "Ongles Cathy" (Nails Cathy) and get a shellac manicure and my nails look SO FREAKING NICE.

The owner (Um...Cathy), is so freaking nice. She's from Vietnam, does awesome nails, always offers me an extra design or little diamond or something to put on my nails and we always try to make chit chat. I say "try" because her English and French is very broken and hard to understand. And she doesn't understand me very well.

Today I went in and she was happy to see me, asked how my trip to Ottawa was and asked how my little dog was. She greeted me by name and I was really surprised that she remembered me. I don't share a lot of my life, simple things about the dog, the weather, easy subjects. We were quiet (and I was pretty down today - some stuff going on that's stressing me out and bringing me down a bit) and out of the blue she said, "You strong lady.". I said, "I don't know.". She said, "Yes, I think. You strong.".

Now she could have been speaking about my arms, my build, whatever. But I almost started to tear up. I'm going through tough stuff. I don't care if Cathy wasn't referring to my inner strength...this week, when I am starting to doubt myself, I'm going to remember what Cathy said. I'm a strong woman. I can do hard things.

This too shall pass.

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