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Stairs 1; Nicole 0

I finished my workout around 8pm yesterday - what I like to call the "Elephant Ballet" because I have old hardwood floors and I don't have a workout mat yet so I'm pretty sure my downstairs neighbours hear what sounds like an elephant heard performing some kind of ballet dance...

I came back to the living room and it was clear that the dog needed a night out on the park. :) Got her stuff together and....somehow ended up at the bottom of the first set of stairs in a tremendous amount of pain and not sure how I got there.

Well, I tripped obviously. These tiny stairs and my giant feet were never meant to be together... I landed very oddly, on my front I believe...and when I figured out what was going on, I was in a TREMENDOUS amount of pain, confused, I bit the bullet and called an ambulance. I kept telling them that I didn't think it was an emergency...they kept telling me it was an emergency..

Anyway, they got me to the hospital (no sirens, damn!) a…


I'll admit I'm a little more sensitive today (yah, it's possible) because yesterday, after fighting with tooth pain for a couple of days, I found out that the root canal I had a couple of months ago had an infection above the roots and that it's possible that I could lose the tooth.

I went to the Emergency Dental Clinic (where my dentist happens to also work) and I was able to see him after a pretty short two hour wait. I'm on antibiotics and once the infection clears, I'll need an apicoetomy, which sounds pretty low key, but costs about $600 or so. I'm not quite poor (yet...), but it wasn't the best day and today was even a lower day as more divorce crap arrived in the mail.

Legally, I've been divorced since July 11, 2016. And every other day, I have some reminder or some form to sign, or something arrives in the mail telling me that I'm divorced. I don't know how many papers I need to get in the mail? Like, I get it. We're divorced. I…

Dog on a Bus

Last week was a really hard week. When I first found out about my job, I had a sense of relief because there were some things going on that didn't work for me... and then I had extra energy to run around so ran around all day doing errands...and then I crashed.

Then I started to worry....and get down....and then get even more upset....and I just had a crappy week overall.

Saturday was a complete wash (literally - we had monsoon like storms...), but Sunday I had the task of doing something nice for myself. Have you ever tried to just "do something nice for yourself"? For me, it took a lot of thought. I went shopping....but I don't want to spend a lot of money and I don't really enjoy the shopping experience. I thought about getting a pedicure...but I don't really need one for a couple of weeks and I don't really like the experience of it all, I go for the end I gave up.

And then I was reminded about this little kitsch market that I saw on Faceb…

Social Media Life

Hey there.

Happy Two Week Unemployment anniversary to me!!

No job leads, but I'm still in the early days. I haven't even contacted every single recruiter or really set myself up to do some serious job hunting. I'm still kind of getting things organized...I was on a roll since last week, running around doing errands and crossing things off of my to do list faster than I thought possible.

Then on Sunday...and yesterday, things came to a halt pretty quick. I had a bad couple of days. Maybe it was the weather. Maybe it was me missing my family - it was pretty cool that they lived a five minute drive away from me....but who knows.

I've had this conversation several times with several people - and I try not to do that on my blog, but in general, on social media, everyone's life is really great and sunny. Ok, maybe the odd bad experience or trying time is posted, but in general, if you looked at someone's Facebook page, you'd see photos of smiles, laughter, and …

Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday!

I thought that after my family left that I would be a lazy bones, postponing all of the house "to do" stuff because I pretty much am the best procrastinator for those kinds of things. But nope, I found a drill (borrowed), I took down a bathroom storage cabinet that was the biggest piece of crap and a waste of money, and did nothing but errands yesterday...and am ahead of myself errands-wise. Maybe it's a coping mechanism for being unemployed, but I'd rather think that it's because I have a pretty home that I just want to make prettier.
Yesterday I put together my dining room table which was no easy feat. The instructions were easy, but even with a drill, it was extremely difficult and took A LOT of strength! I've never had to put together something that required so much...brawn. (Yes, I'm pretty much saying I'm strong. So would you if you saw me carry stuff up and down my front stairs). :P
As we speak, I just moved into my "reading…

The new place - Part 1

Hey! Remember me? I'm the newly-moved, jobless, Montrealer. That's right. I'm officially considering myself a Montrealer. I think after the last couple of weeks, it's legit! And while the jobless part pretty much sucks b@lls...well, it happens. Especially in Montreal. But I have a feeling that I'll figure things out.
This photo was taken on Wednesday because I had a Skype meeting with a recruiting firm. It's pretty much the only way that I find a job in my field, so I spent an extra five minutes and put on some makeup. I barely recognized myself!! The meeting went good, but right now it's all hypotheticals - nothing concrete -  and I'm the new meat on the market (job wise) so I can expect a lot of action in the beginning from all of the head hunters. But it's better than no action!! And it's good for my self esteem.
But this post isn't to talk about my employment's to show you my new apartment!
It seems like months ago that…

190000 emotions

My grandma, aunt, and I are staying in the cutest and most interesting apartment in Quebec City. From the back, it looks like a barn and I was kind of worried that Airbnb had let me down...but once we got inside we were very impressed. Ten feet ceilings and clean, with huge bedrooms and big beds to sleep in. I was prepared to sleep on the futon, but my very accommodating ladies decided to give me the bed and share one to themselves. :)
I have about 190000 emotions here.
I haven't been to Quebec City since my split. Quebec City was where my ex's family lived....and where they made me feel like their family while I was so far away from my family. There are also some good memories here had with my ex and his children...that are hard to remember.
And there's the whole losing my job thing. It wasn't a great experience and I'm a little lost, angry, and worried...and I'm feeling pretty fragile.
There's also the bittersweet aspect of my grandpa. We alwa…

quick update

I have no words (& will upload tons of photos) for the amazing work my grandma & aunt have helped me with.

They arrived at a run down "character" apartment....and its slowly turning into a BEAUTIFUL by room.

And some more news....I'll be able to help them for the remainder of their trip....because today was my last day at my work.

No current prospects. Shitty timing. Things were never right from day 1....& things were never right on the last day.

Taking some time to let things sink in, to help my family help make my home, and to be thankful for all that I have.


After nights of worrying, working, and cleaning, everything is out of the old place. THANKFULLY, I had my aunt and grandma to speed up the process this morning....I am possibly the worst packer in the world. But we left my old place spic and span....cleaner than when I moved in.

I'm writing from MY COUCH that has been in storage for years, with my feet up on MY COFFEE TABLE, with the dog chillin' out beside me. She's been doing freaking awesome. As soon as everything was here, she kind of figured out that we are staying here. She even ate and requested more to eat, which is an amazing sign because usually when she's stressed she goes on a hunger strike.

I was pretty....sad to say goodbye to my old place (especially since it's perfectly clean and proper and my place is boxes and dust and needs to be painted), but I feel very well in my new place. Especially after my grandma and aunt were able to figure out how to arrange my furniture and have everything all work o…