I'll admit I'm a little more sensitive today (yah, it's possible) because yesterday, after fighting with tooth pain for a couple of days, I found out that the root canal I had a couple of months ago had an infection above the roots and that it's possible that I could lose the tooth.

I went to the Emergency Dental Clinic (where my dentist happens to also work) and I was able to see him after a pretty short two hour wait. I'm on antibiotics and once the infection clears, I'll need an apicoetomy, which sounds pretty low key, but costs about $600 or so. I'm not quite poor (yet...), but it wasn't the best day and today was even a lower day as more divorce crap arrived in the mail.

Legally, I've been divorced since July 11, 2016. And every other day, I have some reminder or some form to sign, or something arrives in the mail telling me that I'm divorced. I don't know how many papers I need to get in the mail? Like, I get it. We're divorced. In how many ways does it have to be printed and mailed to me??

And because there is some transfer of funds, there is paperwork. That came in the mail....and then I couldn't figure out how to fill it out, and now my banker lady told me that my ex signed on the wrong line....and should she contact him or should I? And this kind of broke my heart a bit because during the divorce I think I blocked out every good or kind memory of my ex and now I'm realizing that it wasn't 100% bad....but the way that we handled things ended up in a situation where we can't speak to one another. And that's pretty sad that someone I chose to spend the rest of my life on my "do not contact" list and vise versa. It's probably for the best, there is too much hurt and speaking to one another or having any kind of relationship would probably just hurt too much.

On top of that, one of my friends is going through the very VERY new stages of a divorce, and it just brings me back to how horrible those first few months were....The shock, the sadness, the...shittiness of it all. I have so much to be grateful, but the pain in my tooth and the 97 pieces of mail I've received in the last couple of weeks reminding me of my divorce...has me on a not super fabulous mood. And so my supper consists of pity food: McDonalds and chocolate.

Thankfully, I have my furry little friend, who took my day of rest and movie watching to her advantage, either laying as close as possible to me

Or requesting walks or for her newly invented game where she asks me non-stop to take a piece of her food and throw it past her and she tries to stop it. I kind of taught her this game an I'm kinda regretting it because she wants to play it ALWAYS, but kinda not because it gave me a lot of laughs today. Good job, Mags.

Tomorrow, a day of errands and a lunch in the park with my man friend. <3

Things could get worse. I just want the divorce stuff to be out of my life. And....some healthy teeth would be nice too. :)