Dog on a Bus

Last week was a really hard week. When I first found out about my job, I had a sense of relief because there were some things going on that didn't work for me... and then I had extra energy to run around so ran around all day doing errands...and then I crashed.

Then I started to worry....and get down....and then get even more upset....and I just had a crappy week overall.

Saturday was a complete wash (literally - we had monsoon like storms...), but Sunday I had the task of doing something nice for myself. Have you ever tried to just "do something nice for yourself"? For me, it took a lot of thought. I went shopping....but I don't want to spend a lot of money and I don't really enjoy the shopping experience. I thought about getting a pedicure...but I don't really need one for a couple of weeks and I don't really like the experience of it all, I go for the end I gave up.

And then I was reminded about this little kitsch market that I saw on Facebook that was happening near Old Montreal.

I dumped my collection of change, grabbed some ice packs and water for the dog, my dog carrying bag, and my purse and off we went. It was about 5pm, so it was cool enough in the day for walking around.

It's been REALLY hot here for...maybe a month? So Maggie's walks have been pretty low-key and boring. It was finally cool enough for her to run her little tail off, so she was pretty excited. We walked to the bus stop (ok, we ran because she was super excited to get out of the house), I gave her some water before the bus came, and then stuck her in my crazy dog lady bag.

I can't remember if I've mentioned this, but she knows the word "hide" in French (that I've taught why don't I start teaching her freaking English words! I keep forgetting!). She hid while I paid the bus fare and the entire time we were on the bus.

We got off at our stop and walked to where the market was supposed to be.

If you can read the sign, it's actually a community beach that's here all summer long. They had beach games, sand, a couple of food trucks, and a bar. Because they served alcohol, they had to check my bag before I came in...and that was a little awkward. 'Cause my dog was in my bag?? And I look like JUST A BIT of a weirdo?? Anyway, the guy told me dogs were allowed, so she got out of the bag and we just chilled. I had a drink and then decided to keep walking to Old Montreal, which I thought was only a few blocks away.

It ended up being quite a bit farther than I thought, but I had nothing to do, so we just kept walking. Well, Maggie would take a break in her cooler bag..

As you can see, she's pretty comfortable. I carry it with my arm down usually so she's closer to the ground and not many people notice me carrying my dog in a bag since they aren't looking down.

Unfortunately, my phone was almost dead so I didn't take any photos but the area was bumpin'! So many food trucks, markets, a zipline, boat tours, a pirate ship with some kind of activity. I just walked around and picked out paintings for my house that I will never buy because they are ridiculously expensive.

It ended up getting so late that it was getting dark and since I don't know the bus schedule that well and I had a blister on one of my feet, I walked to a hotel and had them call me a taxi.

Again, Maggie hid in the bag while we were in the taxi. She's pretty smart.

So I found something nice for myself. To just get out of the house and play tourist in my own city - WITHOUT DRIVING (this would have done me in for sure). It was super relaxing and at the end of the day my pedometer/watch said I walked over 12km throughout the day!

I had plans this week to do office/computer/job hunt work in the morning, meet my boyfriend for lunch, and then sit at the pool for a couple of hours, and then at night rest or work on my apartment, but this week has other plans for me. It's been raining every day...I won't complain because I think we needed some cooler temperatures, but no pool time for me this week.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with a recruiter. Nothing really interesting other than a face-to-face requiring me to get all dressed up and network. Oh well. At least it keeps me busy....

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