After nights of worrying, working, and cleaning, everything is out of the old place. THANKFULLY, I had my aunt and grandma to speed up the process this morning....I am possibly the worst packer in the world. But we left my old place spic and span....cleaner than when I moved in.

I'm writing from MY COUCH that has been in storage for years, with my feet up on MY COFFEE TABLE, with the dog chillin' out beside me. She's been doing freaking awesome. As soon as everything was here, she kind of figured out that we are staying here. She even ate and requested more to eat, which is an amazing sign because usually when she's stressed she goes on a hunger strike.

I was pretty....sad to say goodbye to my old place (especially since it's perfectly clean and proper and my place is boxes and dust and needs to be painted), but I feel very well in my new place. Especially after my grandma and aunt were able to figure out how to arrange my furniture and have everything all work out nicely. I certainly don't have the eye for decorating and I would have never figured out how to do this.

My new place has so much character and is so cute, once the boxes are unpacked and my stuff is properly arranged...it will be pretty freaking amazing.

I'm lucky to be able to move on to a new place, and double lucky to have two of Alberta's best movers helping me out.

(And yes, in case you are wondering, if we had cameras following us all day, we would make a pretty spectacular reality tv show).