Stairs 1; Nicole 0

I finished my workout around 8pm yesterday - what I like to call the "Elephant Ballet" because I have old hardwood floors and I don't have a workout mat yet so I'm pretty sure my downstairs neighbours hear what sounds like an elephant heard performing some kind of ballet dance...

I came back to the living room and it was clear that the dog needed a night out on the park. :) Got her stuff together and....somehow ended up at the bottom of the first set of stairs in a tremendous amount of pain and not sure how I got there.

Well, I tripped obviously. These tiny stairs and my giant feet were never meant to be together... I landed very oddly, on my front I believe...and when I figured out what was going on, I was in a TREMENDOUS amount of pain, confused, I bit the bullet and called an ambulance. I kept telling them that I didn't think it was an emergency...they kept telling me it was an emergency..

Anyway, they got me to the hospital (no sirens, damn!) and it was clear that there was something not cool with my right foot/leg. Because I couldn't remember the details of my fall, I had to poked and prodded and xrays where taken and honestly, I received some very good care with a very little amount of wait time. Actually, now that I think about it, the ambulance took a long freaking time! I'm sure they got stuck in one of the thirty major roads closed for construction.. The ambulance guys were super friendly but a bit familiar... When I told them I was embarrassed for calling 9-1-1, they proceeded to tell me some of their "non emergency" calls, which of course were all sexual mishaps. I know they were trying to get me to laugh...but I was shaking (shock maybe?), in a lot of pain, and couldn't stop focusing on the huge....lump sticking out of my ankle.

At the hospital I waited for nearly two hours before seeing a doctor - something that I consider pretty miraculous, and then I was examined and sent home on crutches with an instruction to get a boot cast the next day. Oh, and they gave me a painkiller - which was the worst experience. Even worse than falling down the stairs. I felt like an alien was trying to escape from my stomach, while I was sweating, and later vomiting. All at 2am in the morning while my friend's boyfriend was driving me home, silently praying I wouldn't puke in his car, I'm sure.

Thankfully after texting my friend, her and her boyfriend came to the hospital. I had asked for her to help me out the next day, but (SO THANKFULLY) she knew I didn't know many people here and came just to chill with me at the hospital. It was greatly appreciated.

Today was all about getting the boot cast, getting a new painkiller, getting me groceries, and then me having a major meltdown because my very new dog walker decided to take the dog on an extra long walk (like 3 hours) and his cell phone was dead.

Recap: I haven't slept, I'm on painkillers, I'm in a lot of pain, I'm pretty shaken up from falling down ten stairs, and my dog is missing. wasn't a pretty scene.

When he came home he realized his mistake of not having his phone, we chat a bit about my expectations, and he's coming back tomorrow to take Maggie out for a bit. That way I only have to go down the stairs to let her out to pee in the morning and in the evening. And I don't use my crutches for that - I go down on my butt. I figure how can you fall on your ass (or ankle...), if you're already on your ass? Plus I get a killer arm workout.

All in all, this could have been pretty freaking disastrous but someone must have been looking out for me. I fell down 10 stairs - of a very, very steep set of stairs, and all I have is some stiff bones and a torn ligament, which is treated with a walking cast. I can't walk today and probably not tomorrow, but eventually I will be able to walk. The cast will be on for 3-5 weeks and I even have a follow up appointment scheduled with the doctor that saw me at the hospital. Like, that's pretty amazing considering the state of our medical system.

I am so grateful for the treatement that I received. I've mentioned this before but everything is backwards in Quebec....I don't feel like I'm in Canada most days... But from the paramedics picking me up to me going to bed tonight, I think I've received nothing but fast and attentive service and assistance...and it's not very often that one can say that these days. I know that in a few days I'll probably be crying myself to sleep because of pain/annoyance that I can't walk or workout or be any kind of self sufficient....but for now, I'm just happy to be in the situation I'm in.

Oh - and Maggie is fine and not traumatized. She's quite spoiled because she had a super long walk and my friends gave her like five treats and because I can't take care of her properly - she gets to sleep in my bed instead of her crate....

Photos and updates tomorrow or the next day.

Going to bed feeling so grateful, high on painkillers, and in a lot of pain.

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