Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday!

I thought that after my family left that I would be a lazy bones, postponing all of the house "to do" stuff because I pretty much am the best procrastinator for those kinds of things. But nope, I found a drill (borrowed), I took down a bathroom storage cabinet that was the biggest piece of crap and a waste of money, and did nothing but errands yesterday...and am ahead of myself errands-wise. Maybe it's a coping mechanism for being unemployed, but I'd rather think that it's because I have a pretty home that I just want to make prettier.

Yesterday I put together my dining room table which was no easy feat. The instructions were easy, but even with a drill, it was extremely difficult and took A LOT of strength! I've never had to put together something that required so much...brawn. (Yes, I'm pretty much saying I'm strong. So would you if you saw me carry stuff up and down my front stairs). :P

As we speak, I just moved into my "reading area", or I might name my "computer area" because it's where I come each morning with my coffee and read the news online, check Facebook, and check my email. It's the cutest little area. Before that, Maggie and I were sitting outside on my back terrace. Don't think I'm all fancy - Montreal people call patios or balconies, "terraces". The back one has a little chair and table set and Maggie could pretty much live out there, except it's MEGA hot, so we moved inside.

 My downstairs neighbours (the ones that used to live here) have a pretty good little garden going. It's weird....I rarely see anyone that lives here.
And yeah, I rock the morning hair. This is pretty tame compared to some days.

Today is more errand running. I'm still using a box as a TV stand and I need a bathroom cabinet/organizer. I have to be pretty careful with my wallet since I'm not working....but I also don't want to live like I'm in "moving mode" while I'm looking for a job. If I can find some little extras like cushion covers to brighten up my living room, all the better. And I'm still waiting for a lightbulb extender since even if I stand on a ladder, I can't change one of the lightbulbs in my house (and it happens to lead to my front stairs which are very I figured it's kinda important).

I don't think I've ever been a "nesting" kind of person or a "home" kind of person and I'm actually enjoying it. Ok, so my grandma and aunt pretty much held my hand through most of it and encouraged me to spend my money for the necessities (like a table!!!), otherwise I would be eating on paper plates on the floor with the excuse that I can't spend a dime until I'm working again. I had a moving fund set aside....and I spent it.

I've been kind of....I don't know, a bit sad since my family left. It was so cool, I drove 7 minutes to pick them up and we could see each other as we liked. We didn't live in the same place so it wasn't as overwhelming as living with your relatives for two weeks. I happened to drive near the area they were staying, and my heart felt a little tug as I wished that they lived there all of the time. But they don't.

But I can still call/text them and it's nice to see that my family from way out West can come and visit me anytime (with the only limitation of the price of a freaking airplane ticket....they could have gone to Europe I'm sure for the same price...). There are a few people that I'd like to get out here, my cousins, my uncle, of course my mom since she hasn't really seen "Montreal", and I think my dad and his wife would enjoy it too.

Well, I'm off for the day. I'm meeting a friend and we are going to be brave and bear the traffic/crowds (I'm making her drive because I can't handle it anymore....too much driving....too many insane Montrealers....I can't handle it!!).

I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday.

Nicole :)

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