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Grocery Store Slave Labour

Well, the big boot cast is finally off. I have some kind of fancy pants tape on my ankle that is supposed to help the inside injury to recover in six weeks. I'm supposed to be able to use a cane...I went out and bought one (and then had the senior's special at iHop at 16h30 that night - kidding...) but I haven't been able to use it quite yet.

I am pretty impatient, especially because I thought that once the boot was off, I would be able to come and go as I please. I was able to drive to get my hair done and I was able to do little things here and there...oh, and I'm able to sleep most nights without waking up now, but I'm still pretty limited. I'm using one or two crutches and everything requires a lot of effort....and I'm sooooooo over it.

Even the dog finds it boring...

The good news is that I've been able to modify my Beachbody workouts (more on that later) so that I can do pilates or upper body workouts from my workout room (that's what the sec…

Pastry, Maggie, and my Kitchen

If you should ever find yourself in Montreal, please visit L'Artisan (address on the photo below). It was less than one block from my first Montreal apartment and it might just be the best bakery in the province....or the country. Yep, that good. The owner is very kind and he knows me because I used to go every weekend and bring Maggie, and then I brought in my grandma and aunt, and then of course, I had to bring my mom. He was very kind and gave me his card in case I needed something. I wasn't sure if there was a "wink wink" after he said that....but the thought was appreciated. :D
Yesterday before my mom left we picked up a pastry and then headed over to Starbucks 'cause the coffee is pretty crappy at the patisserie, and I also wanted to get some sun. After a two solid months of +30*C and extremely high humidity, we had a week of autumn-ish weather and some rain so the sun was much needed. And I needed some sun 'cause I've been pretty freaking crabby l…

El Cranks

Well, I passed the three week mark since Stairgate 2016 and I've been surviving. THANKFULLY, my mom came to visit me from Vancouver and has been here with me for the past week. She leaves tomorrow and I'll probably ugly cry.

I have been calling her Consuela, my Mexican Maid, because where before, I had to hobble to get anything and everything, Consuela-Mom is now there to get it for me. I, personally think I'm incredibly miserable to be around - rating myself at a 50% miserable rate and 50% normal personality rate, but she generously rated me at 30/70 (30% being the miserable).

I had planned that the day after her arrival, I would have a list of tourist sites that we'd see and I would take her everywhere with her wheeling me around in the wheelchair I rented. Her and I would see all of what Montreal has to offer and she would have an amazing vacation.

The reality? We try to do one or two errands (or none), and I have a meltdown every second day, either because I haven…


Well a week and a half later from my fall down the stairs and life is sort of starting to normalize. Groceries get delivered, the neighbour girl walks the dog in the morning, the dog walker comes once a day and helps me out a bit, and on the weekend my friend took me out to run some errands and out for a meal. I rented a wheelchair so that if I'm out I can be a little bit more comfortable and can actually do things, albeit sitting down.

I still feel pretty fortunate not to have hurt anything else, but this is a pretty wicked injury. The first...five or six days I was in very bad pain taking painkillers - which were a trip of their own. I could get around and do things, but I wouldn't remember saying a sentence not even five minutes later and would repeat the same thing over again. I was basically on complete bedrest, which wasn't great for my mood, but was good for my leg. Monday I went to physiotherapy where I was assessed and there is good news as I'm healing straigh…

A Photo

I need to write a post about what life is like on high doses of codeine....and how I'm healing from my ridiculously fortunate fall...and what life is like on crutches and a wheelchair...but for now I just wanted to post one photo.

Thank God for fresh vegetables (I'm still in veggie-PTSD from Madagascar), days without humidity, and a little dog that truly is my best bud. ❤❤❤