Pastry, Maggie, and my Kitchen

If you should ever find yourself in Montreal, please visit L'Artisan (address on the photo below). It was less than one block from my first Montreal apartment and it might just be the best bakery in the province....or the country. Yep, that good. The owner is very kind and he knows me because I used to go every weekend and bring Maggie, and then I brought in my grandma and aunt, and then of course, I had to bring my mom. He was very kind and gave me his card in case I needed something. I wasn't sure if there was a "wink wink" after he said that....but the thought was appreciated. :D

Yesterday before my mom left we picked up a pastry and then headed over to Starbucks 'cause the coffee is pretty crappy at the patisserie, and I also wanted to get some sun. After a two solid months of +30*C and extremely high humidity, we had a week of autumn-ish weather and some rain so the sun was much needed. And I needed some sun 'cause I've been pretty freaking crabby lately. My main injury is healing nicely, but my secondary injury is causing me some grief.

Today I went to the doctor - an orthopedic dude, who looked at my foot and saw that it was clearly far from healed and also thought it my secondary injury was fairly odd, so I need to get an MRI and come back in three weeks. Who knows when I'll get the MRI....but I have a physio appointment tomorrow to help me transition out of the big, black ski boot and onto walking again. I don't know how long it will take but it's nice to know I can try to push myself a bit more.

 Speaking of healing, Maggie is back to her true self. Little dog had FIFTEEN teeth removed, but she still has quite a few molars, so after following the vet's orders of staying on soft food for a couple of days, the little porker chowed down on a full dish of hard food. She takes her pills like a champ and has one more day of pain killers left.

Her dog walker came today and he said she was running around like the crazy dog she usually is, so clearly she's on the mend. I was very concerned about her health...and I felt so horrible listening to her whimper that first night...but, she's fine. Yesterday my mom left and I was quite's a lonely life when you're on crutches and immobile and we had a very nice visit, and Maggie was jumping all over me trying to lick my face, which she usually does whenever I cry. She'ssss back.
Speaking of bacckkkkk is the disgusting mess in my kitchen. It was clean less than 24 hours ago...but for a full week I had someone cleaning up after my beck and call....helping me with every need now it's back to real life and cleaning up as I go. And cleaning this giant mess. Which - on crutches or wearing the boot is usually a workout!!

Overall, the news is positive...ish. The major injury is healing slowly but surely....but there's a big question mark on the secondary injury. It's painful but I like to stay off the crazy painkillers....hopefully I'll have a bit more news after physio tomorrow. I'm off to do my Pilates mat workout...since that's the only workout I can do until I'm healed. Hasta Manana...

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  1. It all takes time sweetie, you are doing the right things and taking proactive action with physio. It will really be about patience....and lots of it. You have a serious injury and it will take several months and maybe up to a year for it to be solid.....hang in there you are on the right path....and be careful of those damn stairs and get the handrail fixed ASAP! <3