Please Let There Be A Happily Ever After

Stairgate 2016 leaves me A LOT of time to think.
While marriage is clearly not for me (& I've never really wanted a wedding, thus the Madagascar impromptu one that was pretty freaking awesome), I still beleive in a happily ever after.

I elude here and there that I'm dating someone. He is probably one of the most amazing people I have met, but for once in my life, I just can't jump into this relationship. I've prayed that we end up together...but my wounds are too fresh from my marriage/divorce...and I need more time. He has a bunch of life stuff keeping him busy...and I use that as part of the reason that we're not together more often.

I want to beleive in a happily ever after...and instead of a wedding, I want to throw a big party celebrating our ten year anniversary. Like a wedding, but instead of promises and celebrating a new beginning, I want to celebrate the success of staying together, happily, for ten years.

And I want us to dance to this song


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