Well a week and a half later from my fall down the stairs and life is sort of starting to normalize. Groceries get delivered, the neighbour girl walks the dog in the morning, the dog walker comes once a day and helps me out a bit, and on the weekend my friend took me out to run some errands and out for a meal. I rented a wheelchair so that if I'm out I can be a little bit more comfortable and can actually do things, albeit sitting down.

I still feel pretty fortunate not to have hurt anything else, but this is a pretty wicked injury. The first...five or six days I was in very bad pain taking painkillers - which were a trip of their own. I could get around and do things, but I wouldn't remember saying a sentence not even five minutes later and would repeat the same thing over again. I was basically on complete bedrest, which wasn't great for my mood, but was good for my leg. Monday I went to physiotherapy where I was assessed and there is good news as I'm healing straight and properly - which vastly reduces the chance that I'll need surgery later. It's still pretty banged up and black and blue which limits a lot of what can be done and there's no way that I can ditch the crutches for some time, but with the walking cast/boot, I can now put my weight on my foot for a short period of time with minimal pain.

I found a few YouTube workouts for people with broken ankles that I started this week which really cheered me up. My body is clearly a lot weaker than before - surprisingly so, but I'll get my strength back up the more I start moving around, as soon as it's possible.

It's kind of ridiculous....I haven't had the best start (or middle) of 2016. I was really sick January and February, started getting migraines in March, was unsettled at work March, April, and May, and then lost my job in June. The final divorce papers came in July, then I got an infection in my upper gums that requires a minor surgery, and then I fall down the stairs and tear my ligaments.

Yes, people have it a lot worse. I have a roof over my head, money in the bank, and food in the fridge.  But man, I guess things have to get bad before they can get better. I struggle to remember that these are uncomfortable moments - not an uncomfortable life... While I'm grateful for my family, friends, and general health...I need to take some time and build my confidence back up so that I remember that I'm really good at what I do as a profession, that the...scars from my divorce will heal enough for me to walk in faith in my relationship and life a happy life.

My mom is coming here on Sunday which will lift my spirits. She'll be here for a week and I still have the wheelchair so we can play tourist in Montreal - which is pretty spectacular in the summer.

Until next time...

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