High as a Kite

This summer....just keeps getting better and better....

Just before I fell, I had an emergency dentist because I had some weird pain. It turned out that there was an infection in the space above the root of one of my molars (I think I wrote about it briefly). I had to take some antibiotics and life went back to normal - with a follow up appointment because some work had to be done above the root - in the bone, essentially,

I really didn't think it was a big deal...I took the required anti-anxiety medication so that I could get through the THREE HOUR appointment, the dentist was kind and I like him a lot, but I left in a pretty...out of it state. I had been able to walk with the cane, but because of the drugs, I went back to one crutch.

The doctor gave me that famous codeine, which helps but seriously screws me over, and some kind of other pain killer, some very strong antibiotics (I only have to take 1 per day), and sent me home. I wasn't prepared to wake up like this:

This is THREE days later. A partial black eye, extreme swelling...and well, I'm high as a kite. I've been able to lower my pain medication, but I'm still taking it. And icing and doing everything right...but...wow.... Every time I opened my eyes at the dentist's, there was just a lot of suction and a lot of red...so I kept them closed and tried to imagine my cousin's soon to be ex-wife agreeing to come on a Mexican vacation with me next month. :D :D

I've spoken to the dentist every day who assures me this is normal....

I'm glad I had no idea that this little procedure would be such a doozy...or that my recovery time would take up the rest of the week! Also, it's clear in this photo that I am VERY high. I look like I'm on strong drugs.

I had to call to cancel my physio appointment....and half way through the call I had to laugh because it was clear that I was SUPER SUPER comfortable and clearly not able to think and speak at the same time.

Well, I'm off to walk the dog....who refuses to leave my side and must be on my lap AT ALL TIMES since my little operation. It's very cute, but.....well, I have to go to bed.


  1. I vote for the Mexican vacation...

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