Looking Better!

Wow! I just looked back at the photo I published last week of my face. I'm looking A LOT better. Most people that don't know that I had my dental surgery can't even tell that anything is different. It's still pretty sensitive, but in that area, I have no complaints. Especially when I see last week's photo...wow, I look like a monster!!

This week has been pretty low key (as opposed to my mega exciting weeks that I usually have....), but I was pretty excited after my last physio appointment because I'M WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!! No crutches, no cane, it's not the best walk, but I'm able to be on my feet a lot more, with the help of a support bandage kind of thing. It was taped for a few weeks, but because this is the summer of hell, I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to the tape and had to switch. My ankle is still extremely swollen on both sides and now has a ring around it that looks like it was stung by 9000 bees. One day I'll look at this and laugh, yes?

In 9 days I have an MRI scheduled, and I hope that will show that I don't need surgery and just need continued physio. There are some days that I get really, really down because I can't really do what I want. If I meet up with a friend for lunch, I can't go grocery shopping that same day without coming home, resting, icing my foot, etc. My walk is still pretty weird and because of my injured tendons/ligaments I can't really walk uphill. Like, it's not that it hurts - but my foot doesn't move that way anymore. It's like there is a pin that prevents the movement. This is kinda scary, but what can I do but wait...

The cool thing is that I've been able to work out and do pilates and upper body weights, but yesterday was the first day that I was able to do YOGA.
(Still not able to smile completely but you can see that the swelling is next to nothing).

This is major league exciting because yoga is kind of my thing. Again, with my injury there are a few things I can't do, but I can modify.

In other big news, Maggie is also healing from her big dental surgery. Almost too well because she has sooooooooooooooooooooo much more energy and constantly asks me to play with her. Obviously, her teeth were really bothering her and I didn't know it. Because a lot of her front teeth are missing, she can't keep her tongue in her mouth all of the time....but I kind of thing it adds to her cuteness.

She's continued to master the "pretend that you're not here" in the reusable grocery bags that I take into the stores with me when I have her. I had to wait for a prescription at the pharmacy the other day and she was totally happy to just chill out in the bag and not peek her head out, once I gave her the command to "hide".

(I think she was more annoyed that I asked her to look at me so that I could take a photo of her).

The most exciting news is that I'm taking a bit of a North American tour of the West in October. I'm going to visit my mom and company in Vancouver, then fly to Edmonton, then fly to Hawaii for 9 days, then fly back to Edmonton, then fly back to Montreal.

I have a lot of bad memories in Vancouver and it wasn't until my mom visited me a couple of weeks ago that I realized it. It's been years and years that I haven't been, everything has changed, and I'm done living in the past.

I hadn't planned on taking a trip to Hawaii, but long story short - I needed a beach and my grandma did too, so we are staying in a one bedroom suite right on the beach in Waikiki. She's been there a bazillion times and I've been there once and we wanted somewhere with nice water and it's the wet/windy season in the Caribbean.

Well, I better get back to my project...I've taken up cross stitching while my leg is healing and I'm working on a little gift for a friend.

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