The Flip Side of The Coin

The family of four might not be a thing...but I have a pretty cute/funny/loving consolation prize until I get on that family building stuff.

She never puts up a fuss no matter where I take her, even if its midnight at a pharmacy in a sketchy area because I forgot to refill my prescription. And forgot a bag to carry/hide her...

And end up chucking her in my purse...and having her wait patiently for 20 minutes because apparently that's the time to get your prescriptions filled in this area.

She never complains about my morning hair...

She "tries" to abide by the "no dog on the couch unless on a human's lap or a blanket" rule...

She poses in my amazing thrift store finds so that I can email photos to my mom and she'll have an idea of what size my mini leather ottoman is. 

She very politely asks me to put her to bed around 11pm. 
 She loves Starbucks too. And she tries hard to be good while I make my plans/to do notes for the week.
 She ADORES my boyfriend and loves to come meet him in the park at lunch sometimes. Even better is how she slyly won over his heart for her too.

And she supervises each and every single workout, waiting to attack me woth kisses when I'm finished.