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22 Days, Part 1 - Vancouver

Well, I've started my 22 day tour..

First starting in Vancouver, then Edmonton, then Hawaii, then back to Edmonton.

I hadn't been to Vancouver in YEARS and couldn't decide what to do based on a long list of options... I'd love to just walk around....but I have this thing called a F*CKED up ankle....which seriously limits my activity.

Today's step count is 3644. Seriously.

But, yesterday's step count was in the 7500 I'm paying for it today.

I'm very grateful that I'm able to walk's teasing me. I can do PIYO workouts 6 days a week (usually), but walking....KILLS me. I know that I've made a lot of progress, but I am so tired of not being able to do what I want to do.

I went shopping today for...maybe 45 - 60 minutes? My foot? Dead. In pain.

Not helping is that there's torrential downpour here. We had talked about visiting my grandma on Vancouver Island, I haven't seen her in YEARS, but with all of the …

Happy Thanksgiving ♥

Wow, I think I was on an Adele high after my last post. I'm still singing her songs and so thankful that I hung out with these four great chicks.

But today it kind of makes me sad that I don't know any people like that in Montreal. I had a group of friends when I was working at my first job, and we've stayed in contact, but I don't have any true, close friends. (Thankfully my very best friend is now only a three hour drive!!).
It's great to have acquaintances and I'm certainly taking steps to make more friends, but Montreal really let me down today.
I hate starting a sentence with, "In Alberta", but in Alberta, it's been my experience that if you know someone that doesn't have any close friends/family in the area, you invite them to your Thanksgiving celebration.
I ate brunch with a girlfriend on Sunday and she had to leave to make her contribution to her Thanksgiving dinner...I felt a little awkward. And lonely. 
So Maggie and I went and had …

On the Mastercard...

It's just after 11pm and I'm waiting for the subway.

The ticket machines are broken & I've had a glass or two of I hopped the gate (no idea that I physically could hop the gate!). If I make it home without getting caught....I can certainly say that I've had one of the bedayst nights of my life in Montreal.

The plans were simple: meet up with a long time friend that I had never actually met in person, walk around downtown shopping, then return home while they attend the Adele concert.

That turned into sparkling wine, a gin fizzy drink of some kind (or 2), poutine with duck confit for supper, and a last minute amazing deal on a seat for one at the Adele concert. I honestly think I had the best seat in the's my secret: wait until the hour before the concert & shop online.

The concert was easily one of the BEST concerts I've been to in my life. The fact that it was unplanned & the perfect amount of tipsy was the cherry on t…