Birthday Spoilage Ridiculousness!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've has a pretty busy couple of weeks here, but I can't complain.

I have a half written post written about last weekend's activities, that made a huge impact in my life (and hopefully with more positive impact to come), but I want to write about this weekend.

I picked my grandma up from the airport on Monday night. I was slightly annoyed because I showed up two hours early...because I basically can't read some days...but oh well. Of course I brought Maggie because she kinda loves the airport and she kinda loves going ANYWHERE AND EVERYONE.

Poor Grandma is recovering from a nasty cough, so we took it easy, after hitting up my famous pizza joint.

We had booked a three day trip to NYC...but guess got cancelled. The political mess, the time of the year....ended in a long phone call with me yelling at the tour company....but still our tour was cancelled. We were supposed to leave on the morning of my I was really bummed...but in the end, I think it worked out for the best because my grandma is still recovering and well, we got a lot done here. My place is REALLY coming together...but there's nothing like having a grandma to nag you (and HELP YOU!!!) get your ish together. Photos were hung, garbage cans were repaired and floors were cleaned. We even figured out how to fix the dryer together. #teamwork

Monday through Thursday we played tourist, walked around Old Montreal, and we found the cutest cafe and stopped to warm up. 

And then Friday came...HAPPY 37th Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!

Our plan was to go for brunch (after going through about fifteen recommendations from a new friend), then to walk around, do whatever, and then go for a birthday doughnut. Yes, a donut. Have you had a donut from Tim Horton's lately? Cardboard. Complete cardboard. So I was on the hunt for a real donut that tasted amazing. 

I started opening the cards and wrapped gifts that had arrived by mail. My "very big and exciting birthday gift" was a down and fur coat that I stumbled upon one day. Everyone in Montreal has one of these coats...but they run upwards of $700. I found the last one in my size for about $ my mom, my boyfriend, and my grandma pooled their money together and bought it for me!!! 

I'm kind of in love....

My grandma also helped me to furnish my 2nd bedroom. It's been my workout room since I've moved in...and it's pretty blahhhhhhh. We bought a mattress, daybed frame, and linens. (Ok...she, not me...I'm telling you I've been spoiled this year!!)

The frame and linens will arrive next week, but we got the mattress home ourselves!!!

I opened cards from my family and friends, and continued to be spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. Leggings, a gift certificate for a mani/pedi...and then I opened one card from my friend from Alberta. She always buys everyone a lottery ticket for their birthday....and I didn't see one. I was kinda like...oh. Oh well....pretty presumptuous of me, she still sent me a card!! Then I started reading the writing on the April, she's coming here for 4 days and TAKING ME TO A DIXIE CHICKS CONCERT. They are pretty much one of my favorite bands....for so many reasons. I couldn't even speak.

I kind of felt like I was on the Price is Right and I just one of the packages with the boat, the car, and the trip to Italy... I couldn't get over that everyone made such a big deal for my birthday!!!

After I calmed down a bit, we went to brunch at a very, very carefully selected place (that's so popular that people wait outside in WINTER) and I had the most glorious french toast with the most glorious grapefruit juice and a cafe au lait....
I still can't get over how fabulous it was. 

We ran a few errands and then went home for a little nap. Perfection. 

I woke up and had a killer workout (no, I don't believe in waterproof mascara)
 and just rested at home. It wasn't three days in NYC...but it was a pretty great day!!!

We had to skip the birthday donuts because I was seriously overloaded with sugar after my french toast....which was fine with me! The next morning I popped out to a "real" donut place (ie: made on site with interesting flavors)

It looks like a lot of donuts....but they were REALLY it was only like eating two birthday donuts...

The next day I had planned to take my grandma to St. Joseph's Oratory, which is made up of various buildings, and most famously the Basilica.
We stayed for a concert (they have a free concert every Sunday this year and the theme changes every few months). An American organist performed....and it was interesting....and the visit to the Oratory was breathtaking....but the's art is lost on me. It either sounds like music written by a madman I should be sitting in a hockey arena. #sorrynotsorry....

Earlier in the week we had visited Marie-Rene du Monde Basilica which is pretty spectacular. Even more spectacular is that I passed this church every single day twice a day for six months...and never even thought about going in!

She's staying until Saturday. Tomorrow we'll be driving to the Laurentians, do a little shopping in a cute town on the way and then spending the night at a little hotel in St. Adele. The next morning, we'll drive an hour and a half and I'M GOING DOG SLEDDING!!! A few months ago, I bought myself a Groupon and I thought what better time to use it than now!!! Grandma will come and stay warm in the yurt (which seem to be such crazy popular things here...I don't get it) and play with the dogs and I can't wait... I've been wanting to this FOREVER and a I'm pretty freaking pumped. 

Although our plans have changed, its been nice playing tourist and..going around Montreal, especially after a long December and January. <3

On to more adventures....will post the dog sledding photos as soon as I can!

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