Let it NOT Snow. I will never sing that Christmas song again.

Well, yesterday, I was complaining, shall we say, about the snow removal process in Montreal.

And, seriously, thank you thank you thank you WORLD for this man in my life, that offered to leave work early yesterday to help me dig my car out of the snow, so that it could be towed. I know that most of you think that a tow truck would dig my car out of the snow, but because it happens so often - they don't do that. It's only if it's slightly stuck. Not buried in cocoon of the heavy, damp, disgustingness.

I literally never complained about winter before I lived in Madagascar. It's like complaining about taxes. Do they suck? Yeah. Do politicians or lobbyists or whoever runs the world change them in the suckiest of ways? Yeah. Are you going to change them? Nope. So why bother. Winter happens every year and if you don't like it, save every penny, go bottle picking, donate blood, participate in a medical study, and move to another country.

Yesterday, we arrived to this:

The photos do absolutely no justice to the amount of snow that was surrounding my car. I'm pretty sure had I been by myself that I would have thrown myself to the ground, crying, and well...I'm not sure where I would have gone from there. But, I had my Superhero, and we each had a shovel and we went to town.

About an hour later....

Having him with me there was the best thing for my morale. I asked him a few times what I should do, where I should put the snow and if I was doing it right. This guy had never felt snow until he was like 25 or 30 years old...so he looked at me like I was a bit of a crazy... He told me he had never done this before. Well, neither have I? Back in the Holy Land of Alberta....snow plows don't do asshole things like this!!!

So we kept digging. Might I mention that this is the least rewarding physical activity to do on Valentine's Day. 

And then, we finished. I sent a text message to the tow truck driver and he told me that all was well. He would be there in a little while. 

He told me he didn't give me a Valentine's Day gift. I told him....this was truly the best Valentine's Day gift I have ever received. 

And today? 

It's snowing outside like crazy. 

But guess what....you better believe that the snow plows are out. Because they have to stick to their schedule!!! Even if we're supposed to get another dump of snow today and tomorrow. 

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