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Calm after the Storm(s)

Well, so much has happened since I last wrote… A snowstorm (like a serious one). And yes, snowstorms happen back in the “country” back where I’m y’all from y’all….but we have like…1/10 of the population (made up number – but its much less) and 1/100000 of the construction (not a made up number – it’s ridic here)I went blonder and finally finally FINALLY got glasses! Mine were eaten by a puppy (but full sized) boxer I was babysitting…and since I’m like blind….they usually run me around seven bills, and I don’t often just have seven bills lying around that I want to spend on glassesI was in a small fender bender (with no damage) and the guy road raged on me and I had to call the police And of course, the piece de resitance:I completed the third week at my new job.

The new job isn’t like any other. It was previously a private company, kind of has that “old boys’ club” that kind of reminds me of a 50 year old company that I’d work for in Alberta. (We aren’t 50 years old). They went public i…