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Just Try Me.

I've been kind of a mess....or can we just say that I stay in a mess state - but with varying degrees?

Someone I love very much is starting chemotherapy and radiation treatment today. I tried avoiding thinking about this for as long as I could.... the thought of what is essentially poison going into their veins....terrified me. But reality could wait no longer, so I called them and wished them well. Is it normal that the sick person seems more positive and empowered than those around them? I was amazed by their attitude and courage.....when I feel like falling apart and crying or having a massive panic attack.

Anyway, they told me this little saying and it encouraged me and made me feel ridiculously proud to know someone so brave.

But if you all could say a prayer for this person....and anyone going through a hard time. They need all the strength they can get.

Another Round?

I started my new job in Madagascar, EIGHT YEARS ago today.

You can read about it here ....but there wasn't much to say. I was in shock.

I remember everything so clearly....I thought I had an idea of what I was in for....I would never have guessed that those 4+ years would have changed my life so much.

I learned how to re-live my life. I stepped way out of my comfort zone. My life will never be the same.

Every two months or so....I get an email to see if I'm interested in another expat position....and the last email is still on my mind. Resident status, 49 vacation days, in Guinea. I will already know quite a few people there... But it's not my time.

But I still I left my heart in Africa.....(but haven't written the country song to accompany it yet)...and my time in Africa is not over. It's just on hold for now.

The first offer to expat life came in at the right time in my life. It was such a wonderful time...because I was ready for it.

If I wanted to ta…


It's been a long week (month?) (year?) and on Thursday night I had quite enough. I was exhausted, sad (family stuff), and numb at the same time....

So I decided to go and get a few groceries and a small bottle of Coca-Cola....'cause I needed that artificial sugar and chemical mix to cheer me up.

While in line at the grocery store, I noticed a service dog (because seriously, aren't all labs/service dogs the cutest things ever!?? They are sooooooooo smart!!!). Then I noticed the service dog's owner. I wouldn't have looked at her twice, she appeared to be any random Joe (or Joanne, I guess). I tried to be discreet as I watched what took place.

The cashier totaled her order, the woman then gave the cashier the palm of her hand. The cashier used her index finger to "write" the total cost. The woman then spoke, with a voice of someone who is hearing impaired and said (in French, of course), "Thank you, please go ahead. Also, I'd like to take out $40 o…