Another Round?

I started my new job in Madagascar, EIGHT YEARS ago today.

You can read about it here ....but there wasn't much to say. I was in shock.

I remember everything so clearly....I thought I had an idea of what I was in for....I would never have guessed that those 4+ years would have changed my life so much.

I learned how to re-live my life. I stepped way out of my comfort zone. My life will never be the same.

Every two months or so....I get an email to see if I'm interested in another expat position....and the last email is still on my mind. Resident status, 49 vacation days, in Guinea. I will already know quite a few people there... But it's not my time.

But I still I left my heart in Africa.....(but haven't written the country song to accompany it yet)...and my time in Africa is not over. It's just on hold for now.

The first offer to expat life came in at the right time in my life. It was such a wonderful time...because I was ready for it.

If I wanted to take the resident job, I would either need to dump or marry my current beau (neither of which is an option), I would need to be healthier (which is still going to take some time), and things would have to be calmer with my family (which will happen but will take time. There's some personal stuff going on with quite a few of my family members that I'll talk about eventually).

Oh, I can't forget about Maggie! I wonder how she would like Africa. With all of the changes she has had....I'm sure she would adapt nicely - especially with all the new people.

Ok...I have to stop fantasizing. Madagascar also came with A LOT of negative wasn't a perfect life...and I need to focus on my life today before I can look that far into the future.

But it's still nice to think about....


  1. I'm on the Cobre project in Panama. It's a great location, but not anything like the expat life we had in Mada.


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