It's been a long week (month?) (year?) and on Thursday night I had quite enough. I was exhausted, sad (family stuff), and numb at the same time....

So I decided to go and get a few groceries and a small bottle of Coca-Cola....'cause I needed that artificial sugar and chemical mix to cheer me up.

While in line at the grocery store, I noticed a service dog (because seriously, aren't all labs/service dogs the cutest things ever!?? They are sooooooooo smart!!!). Then I noticed the service dog's owner. I wouldn't have looked at her twice, she appeared to be any random Joe (or Joanne, I guess). I tried to be discreet as I watched what took place.

The cashier totaled her order, the woman then gave the cashier the palm of her hand. The cashier used her index finger to "write" the total cost. The woman then spoke, with a voice of someone who is hearing impaired and said (in French, of course), "Thank you, please go ahead. Also, I'd like to take out $40 on top of that please".

The cashier then took her hand and put it on the debit card machine, the woman hid the part where you enter your password with her other hand, typed in her debit card password, and then gave the cashier her hand again. I'm not sure what the cashier wrote, but I think she wrote "Approved" to tell her that the transaction was completed.

The cashier passed her the receipt and the extra $40, the woman put her debit card away, along with her money and receipt, and thanked the cashier, wished her a nice evening, and then left.

With my jaw on the floor.

Thank you humanity. Thank you for showing me that we are capable of anything. Thank you for showing me that everything is relative. That perspective is everything. That no matter what, the world continues on whether you fight or accept your limits.

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