Got yer goat...

I am plagued....or blessed with the occasional urge to just be a complete idiot and do something fun, original, and unplanned. Although this specific event required a little bit of planning since I bought the tickets a few days in advance. But the idea kind of just flashed in my mind....I googled, and sure enough, Montreal had Goat Yoga - and they had it this weekend.

Yes - Goat Yoga.

Here's an article to read if you'd like to catch up on the fad

Seriously. It's not a joke...

City-slickers pay $30 (or more!!!) to have a yoga class, in a glorified barn, with baby goats (and in my case, two momma goats).

The goats are encouraged to run all over the humans....who are not so much doing yoga as they are taking photos for their Instagram accounts.

There's even a staff member on duty - on high alert for goat droppings.

I arrived at the event, WHICH INCLUDED PARKING. This simply does not happen in Montreal. Especially downtown. I was beginning to think this was a joke after all.

It was +12*C, POURING rain, and everything was extraordinarily damp. Ok, soaking wet. But, come on, I'm tough.

So we were led into the barn-tent, where we were greeted by maybe 10 goats, and the lovely barn smell that comes with their adorable little selves.

I'm trying to get a Goat Selfie - I'm predicting #goatselfie to be one of the top ten hashtags of 2017, by the way.
 I was trying to do some version of table top or downward dog, when these me.

Throughout my practice, I would be regularly vistited by the goats. Their hooves kind of felt like a harder massage. Although....this morning....I think I'm paying for it - but what did I expect? I had goats jumping on my body.

We often had to take breaks based on the goats' schedule. Upward dog just not happening here...

 Downward dog was interesting with a kid in the middle of my mat.

Careful for my fingers!!
 Trying to force a cuddle in....but really - they have their own agenda!

There were several times that I thought....remember when I lived in Alberta and like, saw goats on a fairly regular basis driving past farmer's fields??? And now...I'm driving to this grassy area in the metropolis of Montreal downtown...and paying to be in a barn....and paying to have goats all over me?

Whatever. It was a fun event, everyone was extremely friendly (we all took photos of each other and uploaded them to Facebook), and it was just a goofy time. Most importantly, all proceeds went to a great charity that places guide dogs for no cost.

I needed this gong-show random activity. I kind of lost myself the last few years....but I used to regularly do spontaneous things...for fun....and I want to do more and more of that!


  1. I really did think it was a joke....good on you for being a sport about trying it and something new!


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