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4 years ago today.

Not even sure I was back to Canadian resident status... came back after a very impromtu vacation to Morocco and the Canary Islands. I had planned on staying in Tennerife....but after a huge meltdown my friends convinced me to head back to Canada.
I lived with my cousin and his wife. In their basement. I took care of their dog, who gave me some soulful therapy. Miss that crazy dog. 
I was so nervous to be with all of my family during Thanksgiving as it was my first family event post-breakup #1 ( ex and I got back together the following January....). I didn't want to talk about anything about the breakup. I was scared if anyone said something that I would just fall apart. 
Everything went perfect. I was with my family again. 
I just can't figure out how that was only four years ago....and not ten...or fifteen.. 
I miss my grandpa 

It's a Small World

Wow, two posts in as many days!

It's Thanksgiving weekend and I have zero plans and I'm not too terribly concerned... For me, Thanksgiving exists in Edmonton and nowhere else.

BUT, my Edmonton Thanksgiving table isn't doing so well. One JUST had a foot operation and has a horrible cough, another is undergoing cancer treatments, another had gallbladder surgery, and they all have been helping each other during this stressful time.

My mom & co is in Vancouver....

So what's a girl to do?

Collude with my ma and send over a pre-made Thanksgiving dinner to Gram's house, of course! We split the cost of a thanksgiving dinner including: roast chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, gravy, rolls, and my cousin is baking a pie!

While I don't usually have the funds to play Oprah, it wasn't terribly expensive, I had just finished rolling all of my coins, and I only paid for half thanks to my it wasn't a burden of any kind, and I'm just happy that…


Last week a friend sent me a few questions about some tourist spots in Madagscar because a friend of his is going there. I did a Google search...and then went through my blog and found the best posts. In general, Madagascar isn't such a great tourist destination because of lack of infrastructure/stability/development...but it was so nice to go through my blog....and read what I wrote way back when.

It made me want to write about what goes on now. Except I already share too many photos of the dog on Facebook and Instagram :P. 

There is something going on in my life....that I struggle with daily. Someone I love very much is struggling with cancer. They are going through treatment right now and will have surgery at some point...and I am praying so hard that this terrifying experience will be over then. Someone I love...through osmosis I guess (the spouse of someone close to me) is just beginning their cancer treatment.

Here's the thing about treatment. I thought it was SO simple an…