4 years ago today.

Not even sure I was back to Canadian resident status... came back after a very impromtu vacation to Morocco and the Canary Islands. I had planned on staying in Tennerife....but after a huge meltdown my friends convinced me to head back to Canada.

I lived with my cousin and his wife. In their basement. I took care of their dog, who gave me some soulful therapy. Miss that crazy dog. 

I was so nervous to be with all of my family during Thanksgiving as it was my first family event post-breakup #1 (remember...my ex and I got back together the following January....). I didn't want to talk about anything about the breakup. I was scared if anyone said something that I would just fall apart. 

Everything went perfect. I was with my family again. 

I just can't figure out how that was only four years ago....and not ten...or fifteen.. 

I miss my grandpa every.single.day. 


  1. It's crazy how time passes so quickly; yet our memories never age. And possibly the most coolest thing ever is that we seem to remember the good times and forget the less-good times. Perhaps it's a coping mechanism, or better yet, a reason to keep enjoying life's goofy adventures. Memories are gold; rack 'em up :)


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