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Loving the Canada life.

This face says it all. (Don't you love when you act like a 101 year old with your cell phone and end up taking a picture of yourself instead of what's in front of you?).

I am tired, tired, tired. 

The plan begins when I decide to take an uber from my house around 17h00 to the airport on Sunday night. Last Sunday night. 
The day starts as planned, get my nails done (they were long overdue), and then do a few errands, come home and finish packing my suitcase, and at 16h00, start my workout. I am a little compulsive with my pre-airport routine even though it causes me mega stress.
I have to work out RIGHT before leaving and take a shower at the very last minute possible. This always means I’m on the way to my airport sweaty or freezing (depending on how hard my workout was and how hot my shower was), usually brushing my hair, and organizing my purse/carry-on or taking care of some last minute booking. Before I started taking a car to the airport, I drove myself and that was even wors…