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Holiday plans

Still no passport, but I'm studying for an exam (on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and then I'll take care of things. My mom's partner even offered to pay for it (which I gratefully accepted ...'cause...well..things are tight around here).

Today I took this creature to the airport. She has since learned that the airport is a very fun place and there is always something exciting happening there.

She has no idea who she is waiting for, so she randomly decides on a few people and goes up to them like she hasn't seen them in five years....even though she's never met them before. It makes my heart happy...because I like to think what it would be like if that was my greeting when I came home after a long week away. 
Airports cause me stress. And bring me a lot of memories.
Back to life when travelling was even MORE than it is now...flying 15000 km instead of 4000km or even 1000km... 
It was an amazing time in my life....but it brings back memories that...are…