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Right in front of my eyes

Image to start this without sounding like a crazy.
Well....I've always been...sensitive. Emotional. Unpredictable. My feelings are strong & uplifting like an air balloon ride or drown me like the fly in my drink. 
At some point in my life, I made sure that I was SOOooo busy (work, training for some race, school, socializing, etc, etc), that I didn't leave any room for my feelings. This technique worked SO awesome, until it didn't. 
I have been on anti-depressants the majority of my life (and have no shame in telling you - finally), but something was out of wack. Long story short, pills weren't working, therapy wasn't working, personal development wasn't working... and VERY long story long, things are now....starting to work out. 

Maybe it came with age, maybe it came after years and years working on my problems and myself...who cares. Things are changing faster than I can keep up with. 
But...I'm haven't allowed myself to experience joy the way tha…

Year of the Great 38

Hey there. Rememeber me? I used to the girl with a jet setting life, travelling the globe… then adjusting to life in another province – which may as well be another country, and then…I just stopped posting. I mean, who wants to read about my life now? Most importantly….do I really want to spend the time to write about my life….now?!?
A divorcee with her little dog… a boyfriend that she can’t quite decide what to make of…travelling to crappy places only for work…boring job….little payback….yeah….I REALLY want to spend the time and write about that life…
I’ve written about it here and there – but 2017 was Year of the Shit. I’m ask the Chinese that the Year of the Shit to be included in the updated Chinese calendar….but they won’t write back to me….

The Shit DepressionNew jobFamily Stress (like, worrying for 2 people’s lives)
I think the three issues do-see-do’ed around the year, repeating some sick dance sequence that made for twelve months of roller coasters, meltdowns, and some pretty big…