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La la la la la la loooove

I was prepared to write this long post, about relationships, love, and whatever, but…I’ll keep it simple.
Time will tell, but it’s highly probable….that I have met my match.
The perfect mixture of funny but serious, witty, smart, goofy, gazillion-dollar smile, kind, thoughtful, handsome, TALLER THAN ME…I could go on and on…
And on. And on.
And yes, its early. And yes, things are moving quickly. But…as I’ve heard…sometimes when you know…you just know.
I’m hesitant to put it out there…that I “just know”. But…this relationship feels like…nothing else I’ve experienced.
I’ve met his family. I’m hoping to bring him to meet my family in the summer.
Too fast? Maybe. Rushing? Nope. I’ve been enjoying every minute with this match man.