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The difficulty of trying to relax.

This morning I decided I was going to have a "sick day". I've kind of been running around in circles since last Friday, doing my best to relax, but then doing laundry, vacuuming, organizing, running random errands, etc...

Today, after running a couple of errands, I'm calling in sick. I'm laying in bed, watching a movie, possibly eating some chocolate, and giving up on adulting.

The boyfriend has been trying to convince me to do this since last Friday...but it just Like I should be pounding the pavement, calling all contacts, making a list of everything that needs done and get it all finished ASAP.

So today, after stopping at the grocery store, and chatting with a ninety-five (and a half!) year old, who walks every day with her morning mall-walk group and still drives herself, I decided that yep, I'm going to have a day where I just relax. And go for a walk later on.

But first, we needed a coffee, and Mags needs a little break from the other two, s…

The odd celebrations of our life

Some celebrating happened on Friday and Saturday night (both nights with steak...guess I needed me some red meat!).

(Also, side note, the meal below is from Good Foods. Click on this link to find out more about it. It's amazing, affordable, and makes you look all fancy).

The first huge celebration, is that little Maggie, is doing just fine. I didn't write about it, but two weeks ago, she was hit by a car.

I know. It was terrifying. I'm not all together sure how it happened (other than a car hit her), but I found her on the road, eyes closed, bleeding from the mouth. I gently picked her up, started talking calmly to her, and then the lady that hit her drove me to the vet hospital. She was able to understand her words (like treat, walk, squirrel, etc), but she couldn't open her eyes and she was still bleeding a bit. I was grateful that I would have these last few moments with Maggie, since she was alert, and then I gave her to the vet, and she brought me Maggie thirty m…

Ride with me

Lately...I’ve had a few…well, ok, more than a few moments. Many moments. Where I ask myself, Is this really my life? Is this…what real happiness feels like? 
With all the changes in my life the last few years (plus struggling with my depression), I have had happy moments, happy days, happy weeks. I think that I laugh regularly.
And maybe looking back something felt missing…but I didn’t truly realize it. I felt alone….a lot. But…I was also..kind of used to it.
Now…I feel like I’m on the fourth day of a really great vacation that just blows your mind and you think to yourself…Wow, how did I get here?
My life is far from perfect. I have family, finance, work, and other life concerns/worries… and I’m scared to say it out loud. But I am. So. Happy.
I met this man…who is so wonderful….in so many ways… and I think…was all this hard work leading up to this? If so…it was worth it.  Yep, we’ve only been together for two months. Two short months. But two months where everything just…feels different.
I …