The odd celebrations of our life

Some celebrating happened on Friday and Saturday night (both nights with steak...guess I needed me some red meat!).

(Also, side note, the meal below is from Good Foods. Click on this link to find out more about it. It's amazing, affordable, and makes you look all fancy).

The first huge celebration, is that little Maggie, is doing just fine. I didn't write about it, but two weeks ago, she was hit by a car.

I know. It was terrifying. I'm not all together sure how it happened (other than a car hit her), but I found her on the road, eyes closed, bleeding from the mouth. I gently picked her up, started talking calmly to her, and then the lady that hit her drove me to the vet hospital. She was able to understand her words (like treat, walk, squirrel, etc), but she couldn't open her eyes and she was still bleeding a bit. I was grateful that I would have these last few moments with Maggie, since she was alert, and then I gave her to the vet, and she brought me Maggie thirty minutes later and Maggie was licking my face (since I was sobbing), and the vet told me she had an eye injury and had bit her tongue.

This tiny little creature somehow got hit by a car, and she walks away with an eye and tongue injury. Miracles happen every day. She had to stay for observation and more tests, but she left with a clean bill of health. She's not 100% herself yet, but she is well enough to stand her own ground with Ashby's dogs.
The fact that these dogs are in such close range to each other is another miracle....They can now be left on the same floor of the house (as long as we are home) and seem to interact together in a safe and healthy way - although at one time or another one of them gets jealous and kind of becomes an asshole. :)

And lastly, we are dismissal at work. For a year or so, I have been trying to weave my way through a chaotic and sometimes toxic work environment. I wanted to find a new job before leaving, but the choice was made for me, and although I can't say it's a super comforting feeling at the moment, it was truly affecting my mental and physical health....and now I have time to look for the right job - not just the right job for right now.

Ashby has been there for so many ways, and I'm happy he's here to support me. I've had a lot of ups and downs since Friday morning....but I can't believe I've met someone so caring, strong, kind, generous and just all around wonderful. Our love, our laughter, and how we have incorporated our lives together in such a short a very wonderful thing worth celebrating.

I might not have a job.  I might not know what will happen tomorrow. However, I know I am loved, I know I am safe, and I know that better things are around the corner. I panic every here and there...not knowing the future...but as long as I have this guy by my side, life is still pretty wonderful.