Getting my groove back

Despite any inner...turmoil (aka overthinking) in my last post, I have to say that almost every morning I wake up with a very full heart.

I haven't officially moved (but will be shortly), but basically, I'm living the lake life. It's in a house, filled with noise (the dogs), love (A and me and the dogs), and just....a kind of peace that I hadn't yet found.

I've never been a city girl, yet somehow I made Montreal my home and it ended up feeling quite small...but I love walking up to the birds chirping, the dogs singing their good morning love song (aka either crying or howling for some love/attention/food), eating breakfast either looking out at the backyard, or as of this weekend, sitting in an outdoor recliner watching the dogs chase squirrels, bark, or chase each other.

And once they run around in the morning, it's nap time until the afternoon.

Then as the day progresses, my head starts to fill itself of everything that I'm not getting done, how I'm not being productive enough, and that I need to start doing more... and that's when the bad day sets in.

So, here I am, not even 9h00 yet, on my computer, ready to study (I'm studying for a set of three professional exams....the first exam fail rate is it's tough). I don't want to create a strict routine, but I need a little bit of one to get me motivated in the morning so that my extra breaks and time to myself don't take up the entire day.

While I'm not working, I want to stay fit, continue my progress in learning to love the person I am (it sounds funny, but it's not always easy), and to study. Oh, and move in my girl stuff into a house full of boy stuff, and let myself have some fun time too.