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July Update

Creative blog title, no?

My creativity isn't so great lately.. there has been so much going on and I miss documenting it like I used to in the old days.

The biggest event is that I am officially and totally moved in with my guy and life is...essentially perfect. Except for - my brain.

I know that when I have a lot going on, when things are kind of unstable - like no job + moving + starting a new relationship + studying for a test that basically sets the tone of the next chunk of my career... well, my brain associates all of this change and technical "instability" and relates it to the previous times in my life where things have been rocky and sounds the alarms and wants to freak out a bit.

I will have to deal with that (actually, I should say, "we", because my guy has been so incredibly supportive and takes this issue on as a team problem #alonenomore), but for now, here's a quick update and I hope to start posting more photos and "Day in the Life of&q…

4 months plus a lifetime

Four months ago today, I went on a date that would change my life.

It was so unexpected, when my guy asked me out to have coffee I was confused because I thought he was going to talk to me about a fraud or work-related issue....and my response was pretty much clear that I had NO idea this guy was like, interested in me. I remember even asking my two carpoolers if they thought that my guy just wanted to make friends and talk about our dogs (which we had done many times before).

I remember not being able to sleep that night...totally confused and not sure what to do. I had just formally ended a...well, relationship that was effectively already over...and I thought I needed to have a longer waiting period before agreeing to go on a date, but then I thought, what the hell? What do I have to lose?

Coffee somehow turned into brunch and I was really, really, really nervous. The deal was that he was going to line up for the restaurant (there is always a ridiculously long line up) and I was go…

June 2018

Somehow nearly another month has passed by...the later half involved the mountains
 This guy
 Us together a lot

And me bringing my main squeeze back to Alberta to meet my family.

I was a little stressed....I don't have the best luck travelling with a boyfriend/significant other, so I was worried there would be a lot of tense moments and arguments spattered throughout... but it was perfect.

He just rolls with whatever is happening...was so happy to meet my family, and they were elated to meet him. It's clear that this guy - is different. We compliment each other so well....we have such a nice time together...even in the stressful times...and all I can say is that I hope it continues to be more like this.

It's also official - I have found a renter for my apartment here in Montreal as of August 1st, so I am now a resident of Notre-Dame-De-L'Ile-Perrot, a much, much smaller island. Studying has continued, I'll be ready by the end of the month to write exam #1 out of 3…