4 months plus a lifetime

Four months ago today, I went on a date that would change my life.

It was so unexpected, when my guy asked me out to have coffee I was confused because I thought he was going to talk to me about a fraud or work-related issue....and my response was pretty much clear that I had NO idea this guy was like, interested in me. I remember even asking my two carpoolers if they thought that my guy just wanted to make friends and talk about our dogs (which we had done many times before).

I remember not being able to sleep that night...totally confused and not sure what to do. I had just formally ended a...well, relationship that was effectively already over...and I thought I needed to have a longer waiting period before agreeing to go on a date, but then I thought, what the hell? What do I have to lose?

Coffee somehow turned into brunch and I was really, really, really nervous. The deal was that he was going to line up for the restaurant (there is always a ridiculously long line up) and I was going to pick us up a coffee, since it was still pretty chilly outside. We were sat fairly quickly and then we stayed there for nearly THREE HOURS.

We each ordered another coffee, another hot chocolate...just trying to draw out the date for as long as possible. I was COMPLETELY blown away as I had this impression of who he was and I was EXTREMELY mistaken. He was way funnier, and kind, and...our conversation just kept going on and on and on...as I learned more about him and vise versa. It was like we had known each other for decades but hadn't seen each other in a few years and needed to catch up.

Eventually....there were no more hot chocolates or coffees that either of us could fit in our stomach, so we left. He walked me to my car...and I awkwardly double-cheek-kissed him (which I did when I saw him as well - it's a Quebec thing but something that I just can't get used to).

If I remember correctly....I said that we should do this again... and the rest was history. I remember being on this confused cloud 9. Unsure how I could have possibly met someone so amazing and unsure if I was ready to date him. I just had it in my head that I needed to be single for like six months before dating again. But there he was.

The next week passed by so quickly. I remember trying to keep things calm and secret but wanting to see him so badly before our next Saturday date. We had Facetime calls every single night...and decided that we would have a quick supper on Thursday night. I was so nervous that I couldn't eat (I ordered soup.... I was that nervous that I didn't know how I could possibly fit anything in my stomach!!!), but I was determined to kiss him that night. I couldn't like him so much if the spark wasn't there.

As he walked me to my car, I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him. And yes, sparks flew. And yes, I may have squealed in delight once I was in my car and safely out of hearing distance because I couldn't recall kissing a man taller than me.

And then we were pretty much inseparable. I had to let down a lot of walls that I had no desire to get rid of. I couldn't believe I had met someone so incredible....but also SO LIKE ME! Ok, so he keeps his car clean and doesn't understand how I forget to close the fridge door.... and I don't understand how he WANTS to get up at 5am...but deep down, where it counts, I have met my match. 

And my roommate officially as of August 1, as I have rented out my apartment and am giving up the city life for the lake life. Maggie has adjusted soooooooo well to her new brother and sister (ok.. still warming up to her sister....but they can peacefully co-exist).

The other day a friend asked me if I was happy. I replied, "Well, yah.". She expected a more enthusiastic answer....but it's not like that. It's not like some giddy, new relationship excitement. Its...like it's just always been there since he's been in my life. We might not know how to navigate every situation...but together...we can figure it out...in the most kind and caring way...

4 months doesn't seem like a very long relationship...but when you know that you've met "the one"...when you didn't believe in something like "the one"...well, spending 4 months with that person is pretty freaking wonderful.

And I look forward to each and every day that we wake up together (ok...we don't actually wake up together since he wakes up at 5am....but you get what I mean ;))