Crunch Time, Part 1 of 3

I'm studying for an international professional exam - that is three parts. I tried to write the first exam last year but failed miserably. Mainly because:

  1. I didn't put in enough study time
  2. I don't really know how to study
  3. I was super stressed with a weird work travel schedule
  4. I didn't realize that I would have to be under such strict conditions, such as NO WATER, no watch, no scarf, have to have my finger prints taken, a retina scan (YES A RETINA SCAN!!!) followed by a pat-down before I could write. If for some reason I left the room (like to pee or DRINK WATER), I would have to go through the finger printing, retina scanning, pat-down again. This stressed me out big time
For my birthday this year, my mom generously paid for a $500 USD prep course that I've been following until TODAY (I started in June). TODAY I finished the course and now starts the intense study days, where I write a minimum of 1 practice exam per day (they are 2.5 hours long), in exam conditions (no water), and then spend the afternoon studying my weaker points.

Tomorrow, Friday, August 3rd until Monday, August 13 - my life is study, sleep, eat, run, rinse and repeat. The exam cost is an additional $500 USD, the textbooks are an additional $500 USD, so this test (now valued at $1500 - plus an additional $150 that I used to postpone my first attempt twice) is pretty freaking important to me.

Failure rates are at 60% - that means SIXTY PERCENT of the people that write the test fail. The minimum passing score is 75%, which can vary on the year. 

Can't wait to get this under my belt, and start it all over again after taking a few days off!