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My heart spoke

Today I attended my first Friday morning yoga class with a teacher that I truly adore. I was so happy when I showed up and saw her setting up outside since the weather was so incredibly beautiful. We were in a local park, surrounded by trees and a small fountain. Perfect yoga setting.

As we go through our poses, she continuously reminds us to stay in the present and to really focus on an intention during our practice. I really like these reminders, because lately I feel like I'm all over the place...running in sixty directions and I need the calmness that comes with this focus.

As we stood in mountain pose (basically just standing up straight), she asked us to put our hands on our hearts and feel the heartbeats. And that's when I had a pretty nice conversation with my heart.

My heart said,
"As you stand here, I keep on beating. When you were tired and wanted to give up, I kept on beating. When you were lost, I kept on beating. When we had sadness, heartbreak, stress, I st…


This song came on today while I was driving and I fell in love with it. It made me think of our first kiss (in the parking lot of a cheesy restaurant about four days after our first date) and everything after.

Before "us", I thought that I had to be some kind of perfect version of myself to be in a relationship. I planned to not date for a really long time, until I had reached a place where I felt like I, "had it together".

The truth is, NO one has it together 100% of the time, and if I met someone while I was in my imperfect state...well even better because, 1) No one is perfect, and 2) If he can love me with all of my imperfections, then we can really talk business. Business of building a family with a strong foundation, a solid core, and an infinite number of opportunities for the future.

I wish I could see it like that all of the time...but I have to admit I have my moments where I think that he is all too good for me. Although.....if I were to make a list of …