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The Worst Kid

I won't even elaborate on my last post because I don't want to think about it. I have a plan and it's not the end of the world, and let's just move on.

While I've been on my studying sabbatical, I've been volunteering at a "Homework Help" after-school program, once per week from 16h00 to 18h00. I've actually been searching for a volunteer activity for some time, so I was thrilled to find one so close to home and so fun and rewarding.

It's not without its...challenging moments. I can be...a bit emotional (on the inside...never on the outside), when I work with a 7 year-old that can't remember how to sound out her words so she can't read (but I always have a solution for the next week).

It can be frustrating when I see that there's a little shit disturber bothering one or more students that are actually trying to work...and trying to discipline said shit-disturber in a calm, light, and reinforcing way - after all - I'm not his te…