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After my walk today...

Typically, December, especially when I am not spending Christmas in Alberta, is not the easiest part of my year.
Tonight, Ashby is working extra, extra late, and I have had an emotionally rough couple of days. So I put on one of my grandfather's favorite songs, loud, and listened to the music. 
"You Raise Me Up", by Josh Groban, filled the first floor. I closed my eyes for a bit, but then looked around.
On one big armchair, sits our two schnauzers. Sleepy, but actually waiting for their "papa" to come home. On the floor, next to the fire place, on a giant dog bed, lays little Maggie, sneaking in this opportunity to spread out by the fire on the schnauzers' bed. 
                                                                              (just a few dog photos!!)

I love our little house. I love the character that three, four-legged creatures bring it. 
Earlier tonight, I went for my powerwalk, which I haven't done in a bit, somehow my routine has falle…

Strangers to In-Laws to Family

Life sometimes feels so slow....other times it feels so busy, so instead of trying to catch up, I'll write when I can and fill in the bits and pieces when I can. 
I met all of my in-laws, Sunday, April 1, 2018. I was super nervous. The day before I had a Facetime call with my mom to chose an outfit that was "in-law" appropriate and also one that I felt comfortable in. I'm talking down to the earrings and the shoes and the bracelets. The morning of, Ashby was at my house, laying on my bed, while I straightened my hair, hung half of my body outside trying to cool off, while the dog-walker was in the living room (he was staying the night because we were going to spend the night at Ashby's and of course Maggie needs to be well taken care of!!!), and I was nervous and verrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy anxious. Did I mention I was nervous and anxious?
We leave my apartment, late, and arrive at the Ashby's, late. Ashby looks tall and handsome and confident ('cause he's g…