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The Hardest Year - new blog

I started a new blog that will most likely get more attention than this one.

It's a bit tragic...but life is nothing but tragic at times.

And things could be worse, and yes, I count my blessings every single day.

It's called The Hardest Year, and here is the link:

** new blog was taken down's always been NB in MG...and it always will be **

Just make the damn list

I’m supposed to be studying. Or applying for jobs. Or being some kind of productive. But all the rooms of the house are so blindingly white from all of the snow received this weekend, and my brain seems to jump from one subject to the next, and it’s nearly 13h00 and I haven’t even brushed my teeth.

I’m attempting to think of something to eat for lunch, but my stomach is acting up again, which it has been for months now, and I’m on some medication because I most likely have a bacteria that will go away with thirty days of medication…but I am skeptical because it seems that the older I get the more sensitive my stomach gets and it’s kind of frustrating and I started my day on the wrong foot…and the other foot seems to be broken.

2018 was filled with the most amazing things. I met the most amazing and wonderful man. The man of my dreams – that I wasn’t even looking for – was waiting patiently, for me. And he had been waiting. Lately, I don’t understand what was so special about me that…

Begone January.

I'm ready for the holidays to be over.

Shortly before the holidays, I was lucky enough to take an amazing vacation with Ashby, but when we returned, I had some sort of virus that left me without energy (and a lot of puking. I can't leave out the gross amount of puking...).

Just as I was ready to get back into my routine (which is very important to me...especially as a student, routine is everything because....there's not a lot of reward in studying)...the holiday season came. Sure, I liked the music, the festive spirit, blah blah blah, but I also was hit-over-the-head-with-a-frying-pan with homesickness, out of the blue. Gratitude filled me as I was happy to spend Christmas Eve with my Montreal family. The evening was crammed with laughter, especially from me! But my brain had a little hiccup, too. I feel so comfortable around my Montreal family, I just felt like I was going over to my biological family's house, and when I walked in and Christmas decorations didn't…