March 19 9:28PM

Just going to take a shower. 
Things I see: the dark.
Things I hear: the noise from the bar, crickets, a small land animal like a squirrel that I can’t remember the name of, a few other animal noises not belonging to something like a lion or other huge animal.
Things I will see on my way or in the shower: small snakes, spiders - of all types and sorts, and possibly another camper.

The only thing that bothers me in this situation? How uncomfortable my little camping mattress is. Oh, and the fact that whoever camps next to me will most definitely hear me sleep talk. 

March 20th, 8:41AM

Came back. No spiders seen. So snakes. And I believe I had my first night’s sleep, after a lot of praying. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the school yard here. People of all ages and more boys than girls...the popular crowd...the quiet crowd...was I getting caught up in that? Was I focusing on what I came here for? 

A bit of both. Next time someone is in the pool and I want to join, I’ll join. If not, I’ll stay solo. I don’t have to be with the partiers if I don’t feel like it, and I don’t have to drink either, which is a new experience for me. This is my trip and I have to remember I’m here for me, to do what I want. 

Two things to mention:
Every morning I take down a canvas military tent, put away my mattress, bring my bags to be stored in the Lando, shower, & eat breakfast. This was the first morning that I found a system that worked for me where I was on time/early. The first morning where I didn’t need help from 1-4 people (which is fine, we are there to help each other, but I can’t consistently be the fall behind of the team).

And secondly, I think I finally slept. I remember waking up only...six or seven times instead of twenty and in back pain. I also had a glorious nap by the pool at our campsite earlier in the, and if I hadn’t been woken, I would have slept until 2am wondering where the f*ck I was. 

Ok, one more thing. Tonight, I’m praying to get to a point where I’m rehydrated. I’ve been working my butt off, even drinking treated water (local water in the Lando treated with tablets killing anything bad) which gives me a (minor) gut ache & backs up the old system. I’m using different electrolyte powders, drinking soda water at the bar, the occasional tonic water....but I just can’t get hydrated. It’s not a health concern because I’m feeling ok, just bloated and not peeing the normal amount. We have a doctor on the trip and she’s having the same issue. 

Who knows when this will get posted, but I’ll leave you with me view for the next three hours. 

And...even though I’m “complaining” a lot...I don’t mean to be. I’m happy to be here, I’m happy I made the decision to come, I’m just adapting less quickly and less easily than I had expected. Who knew, Canada has spoiled me from my Madagascar days. 


  1. MG was a bit ago and years have a way of letting us forget any rough spots. Just saying. Have fun and play lots. Good for you. Is your cacoon sleeping bag working well? Love G xo


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