Victoria Falls

March 18 
730 am

“It is a blessed day for a visit for to the falls.” Says one of the countless locals, selling tours, trips, souvenirs, or simply asking to escort me to wherever. 

“Yes it is. Thank you, have a nice day, goodbye.” Had to throw my line in there cause buddy wasn’t gonna take the hint. I had indulged in a little conversation, I must have had my guard down, because usually, the, “Thank you, have a nice day, goodbye.” line is thrown out in under ten seconds. 

“Goodbye, Sister.”.

I started walking the fifteen minutes in the sun in the +34*C heat, ready to call it quits, forcing myself to go, despite my burning feet, my overheating body, my lack of desire to go since I had seen it from the other side years before, but I kept on. 

I got to the entry gate, realizing I forgot my passport, remembering our guide told us to have it with us when we went to Victoria Falls, secretly hoping to be turned away and go home in a taxi and go back and hop in the pool and maybe lay on one of the couches in the lobby and nap in comfort. 

Nope. They let me in.

I started in, and immediately saw a fork in the pathway. I stopped to take a photo (which I can’t figure out how to get onto my computer at this current moment). 

One way lead to the toilets, like my attitude was that day. 

The other lead to the falls. The cool water, the spectacular sight. The reason I came here - to see the sights of nature that take my breath away. 

I kept kept on waking. 

Within seconds I felt better. The mist from the falls was instantly cooling. At each viewpoint, the mist became stronger and stronger. 

At one viewpoint, the mist became a full on spray, soaking me instantly, allowing me some relief from the constant, uncomfortable heat. 

I stood there, put my hands up in the air, and stayed until my clothes were completely soaked through. 

And then, the following thoughts happened, “Ok, world. I’m ready. I’m ready for all of the good in life that you have for me. I’m ready to accept everything that’s there for me that’s good, and I’m going to take it. No second best, no faking it for other people, no pretending I’m something I’m not, no constant apologizing for who I am. I’m ready to accept the good.”

Yep. Probably sounds crazy. But it was a blessed day to go to the falls. 

Unfortunately...the fatigue and lack of sleep kicked in hard last night & this morning...making me nervous, anxious, and wondering if I’m going to make it through this 21 days. I guess it takes more than a waterfall spray to rid old habits. 

But, we have just arrived in Kasane. I’m feeling a bit better. Less isolated. Still a bit down...but I knew I was in the honeymoon phase and that I wouldn’t be able to escape my feelings. 

So let’s see what today brings. A new country at least. 


  1. But it sure sounded good when it was happening. You do just what you said and accept any and all the good that happens to you and that mean tiny or huge. Like getting up every morning to start a new day. I love you. G


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