Welcome to Zimbabwe

Alright, so I've spent two nights in Zimbabwe and it's been veryyyy nice. Granted, I slept a lot, but this hotel or safari lodge or whatever it's meant to be called has been quite nice, despite the fact that I argued with them that I had already paid for the room (I had not. And still they were kind until I told them last night that I was wrong, and had indeed had not. Travel agent mishap.)

I'm sure that other areas in ZB (can we just call it ZB from now on) are much more dangerous and beat up than this little town, but Victoria Falls is quite nice. I can walk into town during the day. If I wasn't alone, I'm sure I could walk into town for supper. My safari lodge/hotel/campsite has a little pool, bar, restaurant, and curio shop, and I just love the atmosphere. I haven't been on the "tenting site" of things, and I suspect it's like flying Business Class one flight and then flying Economy the next flight...but hey, I'm here for the camping.

I just chat up a guy who finished the tour that I'm going on, but in reverse, and he said he's quite tired of camping but had a wonderful time. I'm also meeting up with a girl named Lisa from Germany. She's 24..and although I'm looking forward to meeting her, I hope I'm paired with someone closer in age. I am the oldest person on this trip...I hope there are some people in their 30s at least.

Ok, back to ZB. 

My big worry was at the ZB customs. I had applied for my evisa online, and I wasn't sure if it was a scam or not. My payment had to be verified by a customs agent and he couldn't be friendlier. An agent from my hotel met me after customs, and I tried to keep up but after so little sleep, and all white people looking the same, so here is me, wandering around the parking lot, looking very lost, and thankfully someone found me and asked if I needed help. Yah, thanks Hotel Guys!

The hotel is is wonderful
Of course we sleep under mosquito nets. I left one bottle of mosquito spray in Edmonton...and I didn't realize how much I'll need so I'll be picking some up asap.
 We have air horns in our room to signal alarm - and every single night, I hear the horns going off! I don't know what creatures are out there but all I've seen is pictured below.
 OHHHHH yes, a pool. I need this pool because I already have heat rash on my feet!
 And this guy that decided to hang with me for the day. Didn't move except to stretch.

I had a longer post planned, but I'm tired. It's nearly 3pm, so I guess that means siesta time. I don't have a room (I'll get a tent later tonight), so it's by the pool, in the shade of course. 


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