Well, am I going to make it?

Tuesday, March 19th, 9:42am

Don’t have a clue. If you would have asked me last night, the answer would have been a hard no. Overheated, a bit dehydrated (the day before, in two hours, I drank six cans of soda water and never once had to go to the toilet & that’s on top of drinking litres of water a day).

Everyone remarks that I sleep talk and my back aches as I sleep. I’m always the last one to be ready, the one to eat the least (don’t worry, I’m eating enough), and the first one to bed because I am exhausted. It’s catching up with me. I knew this trip would be hard, and I’m rewarded with amazing and breathtaking sights and experiences, like the hundreds of elephants I saw up close yesterday, and the happy and friendly energy of the group (thank God), but I have to try to stay positive in the evenings, because if I had the choice, I would come home to camp and sleep. 

One thing on my list to do is have my big bag packed 100%, zipped, and ready to go the night before. I had committed to having it in the bus, but I need to put it under my knees to help me sleep. 

I’m drinking a lot, using electrolytes always, and trying to nap whenever possible. But, this Canadian body doesn’t like the +36*C without air conditioning and lack of shade...but it’s also day 5 of the trip. 

If good things don’t come easy, then this trip is an example of that. 

Also...Facebook reminded me with a photo of my ex & I....didn’t help my negative frame of mind...and didn’t help me...miss the « what could haves ». It’s part of the process...it’s part of what’s going to happen...but painful none the less. 

So how did I see the elephants? Welllllll, I was to meet up with my buddies, but the tour left without me. The guide counted 8 people, when his roster said 9 and thought, « Oh, they must have made a mistake! » and went about his merry way. My guide, Dixon, was able to get a speed boat to drive like a maniac to somehow catch up with the sunset cruise that had left without me. 

Miracle. The only downside....the cruise had no water for us. I carry a litre of water with me at all times, so I had that...but the cruise was nearly hours long...in three hours in that heat I would have drank at least 2L, at minimum. I’m a sweat machine!!! 

So rationed my water, as the rest of the group had been doing for 45 minutes already, and tried not to think about it....but it was rough. I mean, a tour, at 3PM on the water, and no water? Come on, this is Africa, man! 

Anyways, we made it home safely. With water, since the back of the bus always has potable water (ie: water with purification tablets), but I was burnt from the sun & the heat. I ate supper with my group (we had to pay for our own meal last night) and I started to interact a bit more with some of the members that I hadn’t before. 

Our other guide, Justice, explained what would be happening the next day (I retained none of this information), and ran off to shower, got completely lost on my way back, was found by a camp buddy who graciously walked me all the way back to camp, also guided by the camp dog (who was clean & well fed & had been my buddy), and then dozed off and on until the wee hours of the morning where pack up our own tents and the rest of camp.

We have a seven hour drive ahead...full of wildlife (already saw a teenager elephant on the side of the road playing) and ready too cross a border checkpoint...where we will have to wash our feet and change our shoes...


  1. Wow. It sounds like your going to have to work to have fun. You can do it. You go girl. Love G xo


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