21 people for 21 days

The last two days of my camping trip I completely shut down. I got caught up in trying to fit in, getting frustrated that I didn’t feel like drinking, socializing, or partying...& I was taking so much personally. 

Throughout the trip I ignored my self care (physio, quick meditations, etc) and had poor sleep (ummm sleeping in a tent!!!) & that built up to the point that some days, I was 100% introverted & I’m sure sent out a « Leave me alone » vibe.

By the last day, I couldn’t even eat supper with the group because all I could handle was quiet and me alone. While I would gladly do this trip over again...and I can’t change the past, it surprised me how quickly I gave up my important healthy habits. 

As a result, I didn’t get to say goodbye to any of the people that I wanted to in person...and sort of alienated myself from the group. While I’m sure no one cried themselves to sleep...it doesn’t leave me with a balanced feeling. 

Three days later, rested, recuperated, drinking an ICED COFFEE, I’m thinking back to this social experiment of putting 21 people together and getting them to camp together in some harsh conditions. 

Some thrive, loving the group vibe. Some go with the flow. & Some retreat, overwhelmed by the mix of personalities... Neither is better than the other...but the latter is less socially acceptable. 

Perhaps if I was in a different place in my life I would have been more « Bosco », but I think after 3 weeks...I still would have been overwhelmed by the group. Who knows, & who cares at this point...

Regardless of the last two days...I got more than I asked for. Africa always overdelivers...

There are so many magical moments that happen when least expected...that reminded me about the real things in life...the important things in life...and I never want to forget them. & I know I’ll be back again. (Sorry family...it’s part of me now❤️).


  1. your place is your place, that is for you to decide.....you are always loved.....regardless of your place


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