Help me out for a hot minute

I’m not sure how many people even read this thing anymore...but I’d like to help a very dedicated and talented young woman that was once in my daily life....and someone that I still think of on a regular basis.

She’s trying to win a contest to promote environmental tourism. Help her with some votes! Her video is in French...but you can vote via this link:

Scroll down until you see Laurie Martin (some of you may know her dad, Louis) and “Votez pour cette vidéo”. The first field to complete is your email, the next is your password (enter: 123abc, it doesn’t have to be your email password) 

And then click the little green button that says “Votez”.

She’s talented, brillant, & dedicated...and I would love to help her with some votes.

Can you help me help her out...behind the scenes?